South Bank Starters

What skills, knowledge, and momentum can you gain to shape your future?

Supporting the Future You


Sell your services. Receive Feedback from potential customers. Express your interest in the Product of South Bank Marketplace.

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Grow Your Idea

Accelerate your idea. Find your customers. Learn about incubator programmes.

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Start-Up Funding

£500 for your new business – on us. Get reimbursed for costs associated with your business.

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Idea Feedback

Connect 1-2-1 with an expert to get personalised support for your idea and a path forward.

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What’s Happening

Discover workshops, boot camps, networking events, and more. There’s something for everyone. Join us.

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What's Happening with South Bank Starters

Annisha Elliot, National Bakery School Student, LSBU​

"It is a great opportunity to meet new business-minded individuals, build confidence, get your business idea's out there, and receive great critique/feedback to help push you further in your business, goals, and ideas. I was so nervous to deliver my pitch, but I did it (yay!). Everyone made me feel comfortable, and I was able to be confident."

Meet the Entrepreneur

For Academics

Exploring entrepreneurship through skills, resources, and new insights built into coursework.

Connect with South Bank Starters

South Bank Starters is here to guide, support, inspire, and motivate you. Find ways to connect with the team and your community of entrepreneurial minded individuals. You can email us at