Tomas Lloyd-Williams: starting university and internship success

After gaining experience during school, Tomas began to contemplate his next steps. He applied to LSBU and (as an entrepreneur) was unsure about whether he should be working or studying. Interested in Marketing, Tomas attended many LSBU marketing-related events, including In-App Advertising talks by the CIM and LSBU Marketing Club. At an LSBU Open Day, Tomas spoke to Sarah Moore-Williams, Dean of LSBU Business School, to find out how university may help. Sarah told him that university will offer the chance to start setting up a business and develop his entrepreneurial skill set further.

University helped me grow

After only 4 months of studying at LSBU Business School, Tomas had the opportunity to apply for an internship at City Hall, London, through Helen Aston, Course Director at LSBU. Tomas states that “the network which [academics] operate in allowed me to find out about the role - I wouldn’t have found out otherwise. There is a constant flow of opportunities that the university highlights for you – internships, placements, work experience. I feel like LSBU is always helping you find the next opportunity”.

Applying for the internship

Tomas’ previous experience taking part in business competitions and working for, and with, the Young Enterprise during 6th Form, gave him a good grounding in applying to the City Hall internship. The City Hall internship is a great opportunity and strongly believes his skillset is well suited to the role. From 350 applicants, 33 interns were taken on to promote the Mayor’s Entrepreneur Competition to their universities. Lyn Hamblin, Business Partner for Commercial Student Experience, was key in guiding Tomas through the application process which involved an application form, cover letter and CV. Following this, he went on to the interview process and three weeks later was offered the position.

The internship role: new skills and responsibilities

Since starting, Tomas says he enjoys the role as he can manage his own schedule and work remotely, which fits around his studies. The role involves promoting the competition to the university through giving talks, hosting workshop information events and supporting on printed materials. He hopes that in the near future he will be able to help run the events and have more one-to-one involvement with the candidates. He says that it has already “allowed me to develop my public speaking further and its teaching me organization... it's my own project almost – they give me the material and it's up to me to just do it”. Tomas says the role is helping his practical marketing skills as it includes elements of pitching, public speaking and managing projects.

A bright future

Tomas’ main goal from the internship is to gain more public speaking experience as it's something he would like to do in the future. He also would like to develop more understanding of the competition as he is thinking of applying to it following his internship: “I have entered two business competitions before and I have developed myself so much from those and the opportunities that arose as a result was incredible - not only for my personal skill sets but employability and networks. I feel like I can really gain more skills, contacts and other opportunities”.

By studying at LSBU, Tomas claims that “I can see in the next 2-3 years how I am going to have the opportunity to have my own business and develop my skills through the opportunities”.

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