International fees and funding

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Tuition fees

These fees cover the cost of your learning experience at LSBU. If you are paying your tuition fees yourself, payment must be made when you enrol onto your course. If a sponsor is paying your fees then you need a letter of confirmation that your fees will be paid.

Each entry in our Course Finder comes with details of the 2023/24 fees international students will pay.

Full-time fees for the academic year 2023-24 for International students

Programme of study



from £15,900

Undergraduate Accelerated

from £19,080

Internship Year

£ 1,190

MSc, MA, PgDip, MBA

from £16,900

MPhil, PhD

from £16,900

Full-time fees for the academic year 2024-25 for International students

Programme of study



from £14,900

MSc, MA, PgDip

from £15,500

International students are expected to have sufficient funds to maintain themselves and pay their tuition fees in line with the Home Office Tier 4 policy requirements. Student fees and financial support for international students differ considerably from that offered to students defined as Home. It is important to determine whether or not you are classed as a Home or international student.

For further enquiries regarding fees, contact our International Office.

Download a copy of LSBU's tuition fee regulations (PDF File 438 KB) for more information.

Possible fee changes

The University reserves the right to increase its fees in line with changes to legislation, regulation and any government guidance or decisions.

The fees for international students are reviewed annually and the University reserves the right to increase the tuition fees in line with the RPIX measure of inflation up to 4 per cent.

Field trips

Some courses include compulsory field trips or residential visits and the cost of these is added to your total tuition fee. In addition, some optional units include field trips or residentials for which you will be asked to pay separately.

International student status

Tuition fees and the range of financial support available will differ depending on whether you are defined as Home (usually resident in the UK) or Overseas (International) student. Help with understanding your assessment can be found on the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) website.

Additional information and advice about fees and funding for refugees and asylum seekers who are academics is provided by CARA, the Council for Assisting Refugee Academics.

US Loans

LSBU participates in the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program (Direct Loans). This is the main US Federal funding available to US students in the UK. For detailed information visit the US Loans section.

US Loans please email or call the US Loans Team on +44 (0)20 7815 8222.

How to pay

Paying your deposit and fees

Once you have received your offer letter, you will need a CAS number to be able to apply for your visa. Before your CAS number is issued, you will need to make a deposit payment which is 50% of your tuition fees to the University.

Bank transfer via Convera

All bank transfers should be made via our partner Convera.

This service allows you, your parents and sponsors to pay your fees in your local currency and from your home bank account without worrying about exchange rates or bank charges. Your payment will arrive quickly and in full to the university.

Please visit our Convera page for more information or make a payment (this link requires the latest version of your internet browser).

This service must only be used to make a payment to LSBU by an individual, and on behalf of an individual, who is a temporary or permanent resident of a non-sanctioned country (Sanctioned countries: Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, Syria, Cuba, Belarus, Russia and the Crimea, Donetsk, or Luhansk regions of Ukraine). If your payment is found to be in breach of sanctions, your funds will not be paid to your institution and could be seized.

Card payment

The University accepts debit cards (Delta, VISA Electron, VISA Debit and Maestro), credit cards (VISA and MasterCard only) and bank transfers.

All payments to the University should be made using the Online Payment Portal . If you are unable to pay online using your debit/credit card, please use Convera.

You will need to include your student ID number and reason for transfer (tuition, accommodation etc) in the payment description.

Sponsored students

You must provide details of your employer (or other organisation) at enrolment that confirms the following information: Please fill in this form and bring it with you to your enrolment. Please ensure we have the following details:

  • Sponsor name and the amount of sponsorship agreed to be paid on your behalf
  • The contact name and email of the person in the organisation who has agreed your sponsorship
  • The address of your company's Finance Department where the invoice will be sent
  • A purchase order number

You will remain personally responsible for payment of fees and charges, even if there is an arrangement for the university to receive payment on your behalf from a sponsor or any other third party. Please see the tuition fee regulations (PDF File 391 KB) for further information.

Self-funding students

Self-funding students studying for a whole year (two semesters) can choose to either pay in full or by an initial down payment followed by two equal instalments.

When you enrol it is essential that you either:

  • pay the full fee, or
  • pay the initial down payment of one half (50%) of the fee.
  • (The remaining two instalments, each amounting to a quarter (25%) of the fee, are due on the dates given below.)

Payment arrangements for self-funding students on programmes starting in September for the 2023/24 academic year are set out below.

Payment arrangements for self-funding students starting programmes September 2023

Amount due

For New Students

Full payment

At your online enrolment


Initial down payment

7 August 2023

First instalment

4 December 2023

Second instalment

29 January 2024

Payment arrangements for self-funding students starting programmes January 2024


Amount due

For New Students

Full payment

At your online enrolment


Initial down payment

4 December 2023

First instalment

17 April 2023

Second instalment

30 May 2024

Please note – other dates apply to students enrolling on full year courses that do not start in September.  

Download a copy of LSBU's tuition fee regulations (PDF File 438 KB) for more information.

Any LSBU overseas deposit will be retained on your tuition fee account and used towards payment of your tuition fees.

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