How to apply

In order to secure an apprenticeship you need to:

How to apply to LSBU

Find an apprenticeship you would like to do by looking at our website for those we offer or view current national vacancies. The process of applying depends on whether you have an employer to sponsor (and support) you.

If you are employed and your employer has confirmed they will support your apprenticeship:

You are welcome to submit an application via our online application system. You’ll need to provide details of your employment/employer as part of the application. You will need to ensure you and your employer meet the requirements – see who can be an apprentice.

If you are not employed:

  • You will need to find a job role related to the apprenticeship you wish to apply for with an employer who is happy to support you with your apprenticeship.
  • If you would like to find an employer to support your apprenticeship with LSBU, you can search which employers are currently advertising Apprenticeships via the National Apprenticeship Service website searching for ‘London South Bank University’ as keywords.
  • If there are no search results, this means there are currently no vacancies. We update our vacancies regularly, so please do check back regularly.
  • Many employers advertise their apprenticeship vacancies on their websites or via other portals. You could search for ‘find an apprenticeship’ online.
  • When you’re ready to apply, take a look at advice on how to write a winning apprenticeship application.
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Apprenticeships offered by LSBU

We offer apprenticeships at higher and degree level in a wide range of subject areas including Engineering, Housing, Management, Health, Digital and Construction. We have lots more apprenticeships that we plan to offer once the Government has approved the Apprenticeship Standard itself. Take a look at a full list of our apprenticeship standards.

Apprenticeship application process

We understand the steps to applying for an apprenticeship can be hard to understand, so we have provided a step-by-step guide.


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