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Responding to the challenge of a rapidly changing higher education landscape

You can read about our past year's successes in the reviews below or discover what our vice-chancellor has to say about higher education in the compilation of his blogs and articles.

You can also view our financial statements and executive expenses reports.

Over the next five years, we will adapt to take full advantage of both our new Group structure and the digital world. Our Corporate Strategy 2025 (PDF File 1,520 KB) sets out how we will achieve this.

Annual Review

Front cover of Annual Review

Download our Annual Review (PDF File 3,005 KB).

LSBU students continue to excel year-on-year. Not only have they achieved academically but they’ve also created a positive atmosphere on our campus and contributed to making our society a better place.

Front cover of Annual Review

Download our Annual Review (PDF File 2,301 KB).

LSBU students continue to excel year-on-year. Not only have they achieved academically but they’ve also created a positive atmosphere on our campus and contributed to making our society a better place.


Download A Year in Higher Education 2023 (PDF File 1,002 KB)

In 2023, our Vice-Chancellor Professor David Phoenix wrote a number of blogs and articles covering issues in higher education.

Cover of Annual Review

Download the Research, Enterprise and Innovation team's Annual Review (PDF File 3,383 KB).

This Annual Review charts the successes of the Research, Enterprise and Innovation Department, as it prioritises investment into eight key research themes.

This year we have hosted dozens of visits from representatives of government, business and educational and skills organisations wanting to know more about what we are doing.

As we talk to them it is clear that much of our work is innovative and highly regarded.

Professor David Phoenix, Vice-Chancellor.

Financial statement

We consider financial sustainability absolutely fundamental to delivering our mission of supporting students to achieve professional success.

As well as the efficiency programme, which has saved £6m, we have also developed plans to deliver a prudent sustainable annual operating surplus, which has enabled us to manage uncertainty as we invest for the future and continue to strengthen the quality of support given to students.

Where are my fees being spent?

University fees cover a broad range of costs to provide a university education. The £9,250 fee contributes to your academic tuition; academic support services; employability, internships and work placement support; wellbeing services; equipment and learning materials; technical support; IT and digital learning; and investment and maintenance in buildings and facilities.

See our Undergraduate Home Fee Breakdown (PDF File 75 KB).

Developing facilities and infrastructure

The University is constantly looking to develop and extend the benefits of its location and the features of its varied landscape. This leads us to create innovative new buildings, redevelop Grade II-listed properties and carry out a programme of changes and improvements that constantly further enhance our student offer.

Financial accounts

In full compliance with the Office for Students requirements, below are copies of the University's annual financial statements, dating back to the 2009/10 academic period. The document is a review of our financial year and includes balance sheets, consolidated income and expenditure account and an independent auditor's report.

Executive expenses

The University reimburses the travel and subsistence expenses incurred by the vice-chancellor on LSBU business.

Our financial regulations (PDF File 618 KB) set out the guidelines for expenses claims.

The vice-chancellor's expense reports are published periodically.

Trade Union facility time reporting

The Trade Union (Facility Time Publication Requirements) Regulations 2017 came into force on the 1 April 2017. These regulations place a legislative requirement on relevant public sector employers to collate and publish, on an annual basis, a range of data on the amount and cost of trade union facility time within their organisation.

Truly Modern Technical Education

In May 2021, LSBU published a report, co-written with Aston University, looking at the role that Universities of Technology can play in supporting the Government’s levelling-up agenda, as well as making as series of policy recommendations about how Government can further unlock their potential.

Southwark Health Skills Centre

LSBU Group, working in partnership with Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and Health Education England has created a new Southwark Health Skills Centre. The Centre provides the people of Southwark and surrounding boroughs with access to career pathways in health and social care, whatever their age or educational starting point. Its aim is both to educate and train new recruits and to upskill existing staff. It has a central role in supporting the Trust’s strategy to develop local talent and build a workforce pipeline that reflects the diversity of the population that it serves

See the brochure (PDF File 360 KB).

Civic Statement

The LSBU Group Civic Statement sets out our commitment to South Central London as part of our civic mission; and the partners we work with in order to achieve these aims.

See the statement (PDF File 890 KB).

A Year in Higher Education 2023

Articles and blogs on higher education from the Vice-Chancellor of LSBU:

See the statement (PDF File 1,002 KB).