We're part of a campaign to champion and celebrate international students in the UK

The #WeAreInternational campaign champions and celebrates international students in the UK. Alongside other universities, we aim to make the UK a welcoming study destination and share how much international students contribute to our culture, society and learning experience.

At LSBU, we pride ourselves in offering a warm welcome to people from across the world. Everyone coming to the UK should feel a sense of belonging and find their place. By bringing different views from across the world together, we can grow knowledge, broaden understanding and transform lives. Our international students not only travel here for our world-leading, high-quality education but also contribute towards it. This is because international innovation and research collaboration are key to solving shared global challenges.


Meet our international students

Fatma Nur Yoguran, age 28

Nationality: Turkiye, Manisa

Course details: International Business Management with Marketing (PG)

Fatma is the first person in her family to go to university. Her parents never had the chance to go but were very encouraging of her to move abroad and learn more. She says a lack of female role models in universities at home can hold women back from aspiring to study. “As a Turkish woman studying a Masters, it makes a real difference back home. I want to be a role model for other women who might not think they can and change cultural attitudes towards this. Not all communities are positive to women studying but role models can change this.” Before moving to London, she took part in the Erasmus programme and volunteered in Italy, teaching English.

London has been incredibly welcoming to Fatma as soon as she arrived to study and loves the multiculturalism of the city. “It’s like the United Nations in one city. I’ve never felt a stranger in London and have always felt at home and never lost.” The extracurricular activities have allowed her to network, make friends and learn more about other communities. “I joined the black student’s wellbeing project at LSBU which gave me a whole new perspective on different people’s lives and the struggles they face. Groups like this mean we can learn so much more from each other.”

Employment opportunities at LSBU have meant Fatma is able to work alongside her studies. She initially joined the student ambassador programme, helping at open days before joining the Marketing team as Web Content Officer. “It’s been a real turning point for me. I’m able to implement what I’ve learnt on my course into real life situations and improve strategies and marketing campaigns aimed at international students. LSBU has given me a platform and I give my ideas and knowledge back.” After graduation Fatma would like to either continue working at LSBU or work in a marketing agency, gaining the skills and experience to one day set up her own marketing agency.


Kamruzzaman Tanzil, age 23

Nationality: Bangladesh, Moulvibazar

Course details: Civil Engineering (UG)

Kamruzzaman’s dream was always to be a commercial pilot but after a plane crash in Nepal his parents didn’t want him to pursue this so instead looked at a career studying engineering. Before he came to UK, his mother passed away and he struggled with depression. His dad saw his situation and advised him on starting a new chapter in his life and studying abroad. “University changed my life. It’s given me the chance to make amazing new friends, live life in an incredible city and find new opportunities.”

He still misses home a lot but has made a close network of friends here which helps. “At LSBU there are plenty of other international students in the same position and we’ve become really close. I feel I have two families now. One at home in Bangladesh and one here in London. It makes being away from home much easier.”

After securing an internship last summer as a site engineer, Kamruzzaman learnt practical skills and more about how engineering projects work. This summer he’s secured a work placement with another construction company, specialising in structures. “The two work placements have been instrumental for my learning journey. I’ve had incredible colleagues who’ve guided me through each role and helped me to prepare for working life once I graduate.” When he graduates, he’d like to apply for funded scholarships, a masters or start work. “London has given me amazing opportunities so when I graduate, I’d like to stay and work here and give back to the city.” But one day he’d like to move back to Bangladesh as he feels he owes a lot to his country.