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LSBU Research Blogs showcases blogs about LSBU’s world leading research and new writing from academics on a range of important contemporary issues, including equality, health, environment and sustainability, pathways and digital. In the past year LSBU’s research has appeared across the national media including:

Creating a positive impact on your world

Allen Carr’s Easyway Trial

Run by the Centre for Addictive Behaviours Research, this trial compares the efficacy of the Allen Carr Easyway to stop smoking service and Lambeth NHS stop smoking counselling service. This randomised controlled trial involved allocating 620 people who wished to stop smoking randomly to one or other intervention. We then tracked the progress of our participants for six months, seeing who managed to both quit and stay that way.

Balanced Energy Network (BEN)

The Balanced Energy Network (BEN) is a £4 million project part-funded by Innovate UK. The BEN consortium brings together cross-sector supply chains to deliver integrated energy solutions at different scales to meet the energy systems challenges of achieving a low-carbon economy: secure, affordable, sustainable energy.

PHIRST South Bank

A multidisciplinary, cross school, collaborative centre that works with local authorities to deliver local, yet scalable, evaluations that will feed into the wider public health evidence base. The Centre is a collaboration between the five LSBU Research Centres.

Crime, Harm & Justice Research Group

Our Crime, Harm & Justice Research Group is committed to conducting research to make a difference to criminalised and/or marginalised individuals and groups, especially those who are already vulnerable or experiencing inequality.  Its research looks at different forms of violence, including state violence and harmful practices within and beyond the criminal justice process. It also critically engages in the analysis of processes of criminalisation, victimisation and/or exclusion, and the relation between power, harm, justice, politics and inequalities.


Run in partnership with our Cognitive Sytems Research Centre, SocialTruth provides an innovative and distributed way to achieve both content and author credibility verification and detection of fake news increasing, thus, the trust in Social Media. SocialTruth solution along with the implementation of Digital Companion can be used to detect fake news by both professionals (i.e. journalists) and individuals (daily social media users), allowing for improved governance and information veracity in Social Media.

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