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Tell us about your business.

Lilly Pad Productions is a lens-based Production company that specialises in Photography, Videography, and Creative Direction built from a collective of creatives. Emphasising on creating strong visuals and high-quality creative concepts for its clients in the fashion and music industry. The aim is to create a distinctive auteur style that is recognisable throughout the work, whilst also honouring and incorporating the client’s creative identity.

What is the problem or need you are looking to address and how does your business idea meet this need?

Through my degree in fashion promotion with marketing and professionally freelancing in the fashion and music industry for 2 years, I have discovered that my target customers face two main issues when trying to create visual content.

The first issue they find challenging is having content that they feel reflects their artistic identity in a visual form. With the rise of social media and the fast-paced algorithms that come with it, it can seem near impossible to put out a large volume of content that aligns with their identity. Because of this struggle, there has been trends emerging of within the fashion and music industries that prioritise quality over quantity.

The second issue fashion brand owners and musicians face is building a creative team to execute their idea. Lack of knowledge when it comes to creating visual content results in disjointed production teams, which inevitably will show in the final outcome. Being aware of how to create an idea or the type or creatives it takes to execute it shouldn’t be expected of brand owners or musicians, so that’s where Lilly Pad Productions comes into place.

Lilly Pad Production’s clients strive for strong content that visually represents their creative identity and an easy smooth process for their idea they’re trying to execute. The key features that Lilly Pad Productions offers are high quality content, rich in creativity, and an easy seamless process for client. This can be executed in the forms of music videos, campaign editorials, video look books, ecommerce photography etc. Lilly Pad Productions presents fashion brands and musicians with a team of creatives who can execute their ideas to the fullest.

What inspired your idea and business?

My love for film and cinema has always been present throughout my work. I find so much inspiration and passion through visuals, so when developing a business, it was important to honour my passion in a way that makes compelling visuals more accessible and achievable to a wider audience of clientele.

Working in the industry as a freelancer for 2+ years has highlighted areas that I feel like can be improved. I have worked on shoots where there is no clear vision or idea of the roles on set. This results in time being wasted and the final product not being disjointed, through the lack of a creative director. The importance of having a creative director is so present when being on set. A successful shoot has strong direction, meaning that the team have a clear idea of their role and the end goal the shoot is going to achieve. Which is what Lilly Pad Productions focuses on achieving.

What has been the best part of your entrepreneurial journey?

The greatest part of my entrepreneurial journey is the feeling of feeling constantly inspired when surrounded by other people with drive and passion. Nothing fuels me quite like seeing the passion other have for their own thing – I like talking to people and watching their face light up when speaking on something they feel so passionate about. It fuels a fire in me.

What advice would you give aspiring entrepreneurs just starting their journey?

Don’t be scared to be seen trying. Its not cringe or uncool to be a beginner and learning. Fixating on the perceptions other may have of you will only stunt your growth!

What support would be most beneficial for your business at this stage? What are you looking for help on?

I am looking for support with being able to rent a studio space and equipment for photoshoots and video shoots that I’d be able to have access to whilst I build my clientele.

Where can we find more information about your business?

Follow me and Lilly Pad Production in Instagram @lillyy_pad and connect on LinkedIn -


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