Adel Abbess discusses his move from Algeria and experience at LSBU

From a young age Adel developed an interest in business as he used to travel a lot when he was younger. Adel developed a strong work ethic from a young age by having a close relationship with a local business in his home town of Algiers, Algeria.  It was these experiences that spurred him on to further his studies.

An international student coming to London

As an international student, Adel now recognises that the process of coming to study here in the UK can be quite challenging, but he’s now certain it was worth the work involved. In order to study here he had to ensure all of this documents were in order, he was financial able to come to study, understand which visas were needed, and meet the specific requirements to study on the course. He notes that “the International Student Office Team did everything to make this as smooth as possible, and my sincere thanks goes to Kristina Bier.”

A culture surprise? Not for Adel

Adel has travelled from a young age and has also been lucky enough to visit London a few times before coming to study here. He was aware that visiting and moving to a city were completely different things, and felt mentally prepared to adjust quickly in order to resume a normal life in a new city, and all the opportunities that it offered.

Developing his English

One of the reasons Adel chose to study here in London is because he wanted to develop his English, and as a result he attended intensive English classes for 3 months achieving a high English academic level within this time, making him eligible to study at LSBU. He’s now continued to flourish learning the language, and plans to stay in London and work once he graduates.

From Business to Marketing

Adel has decided to move from general business studies to specialise in marketing, why you ask? He says it’s “because marketing is a broad discipline in business that has a lot of diversity and creativity. Most people would agree that they enjoy working in a fun environment. Captivating and creative adverts are what caught my attention, especially how companies use all sorts of tools to display powerful messages for different purposes.”

Putting his experience to good use

Adel is studying a sandwich degree which means he’s now applying his experience of being an international student to help other prospective international students. Adel has secured a one year placement working in LSBU’s International Office, which will benefit our students, but also give him a deeper insight into the process and stages involved for international students coming to study here at LSBU.

More than just a degree

Adel has really embraced everything that LSBU has to offer students who choose to study here. He’s an active member of LSBU Active, attending gym classes regularly, and utilising the FTZ Zone, along with more business related opportunities. Recently he took part in the UBC challenge organised by IBM, and is now a member of the Institute of Directors, which is something offered to students here at LSBU.

Furthermore, something that prospective students can gain experience from, is the Business Solutions Centre, where students apply to be business advisors to small businesses in the local area. The selection panel is extremely competitive for the Business Solutions Centre, so whilst Adel didn’t get selected this time, he’ll be putting his application in, as he firmly believes in development and furthering his knowledge for when he comes to graduate.

“LSBU is helping me acquire and develop the necessary skillset to differentiate myself and make me stand out among other candidates in the workplace.”

What advice would you give to people thinking about studying at LSBU?

“Always ask questions and be curious to learn more. Ensure you get support and advice from academics about your future career paths, and take in the knowledge that the academic staff have to offer.“


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