Clay Niccum: "The National Bakery School offers a one of a kind education"

Already possessing an MBA in Global Management and having formed a successful career as a marketing executive for a large bank, Clay chose to study at the National Bakery School at LSBU. "The course is the only one of its kind – focusing on practical and theoretical bakery skills and knowledge - giving students the chance to go into the baking industry, work for others or establish their own businesses. The Bakery School is also always on top of new trends, making its graduates very marketable."

Rewards creativity

Modules on the course range from baking technology and science to business law as well as hands-on classes like artisan bread baking and making chocolates. "All the classes are taught in a relaxed, open and fun environment. The practical classes are particularly fun because they allow us to, not only, learn new skills, but to attempt to be creative and develop our own products, try new things and to be unique. Each class fosters individuality and rewards creativity."

Clay also studied the science of bread making and fermentation on the course – applying the practical skills of baking with the science behind how and why something works. "This gave me greater knowledge, so I was able to understand the products I created."

Knowledge and commitment

"I have been very impressed by the staff, their knowledge and commitment gave us the necessary skills to succeed in a changing business environment. I've also met a wide range of talented students, from 19 to 50 years-old who all share the same passion for baking."

Perfect fit

Clay's plan is to open a bakery in London, and then to open another in America.  He feels the connections and skills he gained from the National Bakery School will be vital to his success. "There are a great amount of resources available at LSBU, and the recognition of the Bakery School has given me opportunities that I don't feel I would have got had I attended a culinary school."

"I was planning to open a business for myself and needed some practical, industry specific skills. I have wanted to open a bakery for a long time, and this program was perfect for my needs.  It allowed me to focus on the business idea that I have spent years developing and to develop my practical skills using the staff's expert knowledge and the resources dedicated to the baking business."

Clay is keen to recommend studying bakery at LSBU to prospective students, "I would absolutely recommend that someone studies at the National Bakery School. It really is a one-of-a-kind education."

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