Anila Pervez- Solutionise

Where are you from and  which course did you choose to study?

I am originally from Pakistan, but I have grown up in Dubai (where I spent most of my life). I chose to study the MSc International Business Management with Internship at LSBU. Currently in my last year, I’m lined up for graduation this September.

How did Solutionise help you to engage with industry partners?

Solutionise helped me engage by providing network opportunities to partner with start-ups, such as the recently held International Women’s Day (IWD) event that facilitated the in-person meetup with potential clients. This knowledge exchange was a great opportunity to upgrade my skills and vital connections. This platform gave me the best direction and capacity to apply my theory to practice.

Putting my experience to good use.

This degree is very comprehensive and it explores all the different facets of a business/enterprise such as finance, marketing and HR etc. It helped that I was well versed with the theoretical knowledge when I started my journey with Solutionise. The one thing I would say I enjoyed the most so far has been the fact that we were able to put the various marketing strategies learned during my studies into practice, for marketing the centre.

What kind of experience do you have,  and what would you like to do next with your degree qualification?

I have experience of working in various sectors such as education, housing, the restaurant industry and now in consultancy. I previously worked as a trainer as well as a sales and business developer and my current job is as an advisor at Solutionise. I thoroughly enjoy working alongside other advisors from the Law and Engineering faculties, while working towards satisfying the various requirements of our clients.

More than just a degree?

I have always dreamt of having my own start-up and this journey with Solutionise has been so enlightening. Working alongside other start-ups in diagnosing and providing solutions has given me the ability to learn more about the UK market and customer needs. I shall be able to leverage this knowledge and contacts in the future.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about studying at LSBU?

I would suggest being confident, as you’ll be in safe hands at LSBU. This university has been a life changing experience for me. Not only does LSBU focus on the academic knowledge and skills, it also provides ample opportunities to gain practical exposure. This makes our graduates highly sought after by recruiters. Not to mention the lifelong connections both personal and professional that they can built while studying here.


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