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Tell us about your business.

Tired of several consultants and contractors for your lighting and audio design, installation, and commissioning? Can't add extra wiring to your current installation? Our talented design and engineering team with building automation experience, introduced a pre-integrated product that can manage your office lighting and audio in one go, able to manage them individually or in a group. Reduce the cost of design and installation, easy to setup and improve your personnel productivity and health.

What is the problem or need you are looking to address and how does your business idea meet this need?

Our pre-integrated product for office lighting and audio management helps businesses and organizations who want to streamline their lighting and audio design, installation, and commissioning process without adding extra wiring by providing a solution that is easy to set up, reduces design and installation costs, and improves personnel productivity and health. Our product can manage lighting and audio individually or in a group, leveraging our team's building automation experience.

What inspired your idea and business?

I had a long career in building automation and now have an MSc in building services engineering from LSBU. I saw many projects lack proper lighting and audio systems, and the main problem was coordinating between different contractors. So, I have decided to develop a solution based on my experience and previous products I have used.

What has been the best part of your entrepreneurial journey?

The best part of my experience was meeting with different people that have great ideas, watching their progress toward their goals encouraged me to do better than before.

What advice would you give aspiring entrepreneurs just starting their journey?

Do not fear; every idea needs a start to achieve success. If you do not let your dreams come true, they will die soon.

What support would be most beneficial for your business at this stage? What are you looking for help on?

Most of the support needed is operational and finance management guidance at this stage.

Where can we find more information about your business?

Learn more about Cross Waves online.


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