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Tell us about your business.

Ground Me is an innovative mental health app crafted to enhance everyday presence among its users. By assessing users' presence levels and providing feedback on their well-being, the app offers personalised exercise schedules to improve or sustain their mental state. Additionally, Ground Me enriches users' journey towards self-awareness through a variety of features such as educational content and resources, journalling, progress tracking, and a dedicated self-help tool/button for moments when staying present becomes challenging.

What is the problem or need you are looking to address and how does your business idea meet this need?

Understanding the extent to which one's day is marked by dissociation (not being present) is crucial. Elevated levels can detrimentally impact memory, productivity, and overall motivation. Ground Me aims to empower individuals to take control of their presence in their daily lives. Through our app, users can measure their dissociation levels and enhance their presence with a variety of scientifically-backed grounding exercises.

What sets us apart? While there are other mental health apps with similar features like journalling or mindfulness exercises, Ground Me stands out in its commitment to scientific validation, giving users the chance of measuring their level, and help them to choose how many times they should do an exercise a day by giving them a personalised schedule.  We address the common issue of losing control over time and strive to provide a solution that promotes well-being.

What inspired your idea and business?

As a mental health practitioner, I am joined by my co-founder, Tim, who brings a wealth of expertise as an IT consultant, also happening to be my brother-in-law. He consistently encouraged me to explore ideas that could complement my work and benefit my clients.

One pivotal moment occurred during a session with a client discussing dissociation. The client expressed a desire for my presence and guidance during dissociative moments outside of our sessions. She described a moment when she was sitting with her friends in one of her friends' flat, in that instance, she described feeling as though she were observing and listening to them from behind a thin curtain. She expressed a desire for my presence, wishing I was there beside her to guide her through a grounding exercise and help her return to the present moment more quickly. Inspired by this, Tim and I decided to transform this idea into reality through Ground Me. Our shared goal is to positively impact the lives of many by providing a tool that facilitates personal growth and positive life changes.

What has been the best part of your entrepreneurial journey?

Learning—undoubtedly a constant in my journey. Over the past year, I have dedicated myself to self-improvement, actively participating in workshops covering startup development, business management, marketing, and community building. Additionally, my heightened interest in technology has led me to stay more informed than ever before. While challenging, this phase has been immensely rewarding as I feel a sense of personal evolution.

Moreover, the most fulfilling aspect of this journey would be the potential success of the business. If Ground Me becomes a success, it has the capacity to assist millions of individuals in enhancing self-awareness and achieving their life goals. This knowledge serves as a powerful motivator, driving me to push boundaries and strive for excellence.

What advice would you give aspiring entrepreneurs just starting their journey?

Imposter syndrome affects many brilliant minds who may question, 'Am I the right person to bring this idea to life?' My advice to them is simple: if this idea originated in 'YOUR' mind, then yes, you are the right person. Begin by listing your capabilities and recognizing areas where you might need assistance. Reach out to individuals who excel in those areas.
However, even before that, my first piece of advice would be to engage with potential customers. Communicate with them in a way that allows you to document and refine your idea based on their feedback. This initial step can provide valuable insights and set a solid foundation for your journey.

What support would be most beneficial for your business at this stage?  What are you looking for help on?

We are actively seeking a large and supportive community to expand our reach, and soon we will be looking for test users. We would greatly appreciate it if people could follow us and become part of this journey. I am seeking assistance in various areas, such as increasing social media engagement and reviewing our socials and website. The only favour I ask from our audience is to spread the word about our upcoming app, which is designed to empower individuals in taking control of their time. Follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter. Thank you for your support!

Where can we find more information about your business?

Please visit our website for more information. You may also follow us on Instagram and on LinkedIn or listen to our podcast on Spotify: Ground Me.


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