London Centre for Business and Entrepreneurship Research

Our research contributes to understanding how organisations can be successful in a highly competitive and global environment and still maintain the core values of equality and social responsibility

Research at the London Centre for Business and Entrepreneurship Research LCBER (pronounce: L-Cyber) makes a difference and we care. Equality, fairness and sustainability in a digitalised, globalised and multicultural economy are at the core of the research of LCBER and its members.

Our research contributes to understanding how businesses and organisations can be successful in a highly competitive and global environment and still maintain the core values of equality and social responsibility as well as support the wellbeing of their employees and the environment.

Our main research topics follow directly from these core values and centre around the challenges of modern entrepreneurship and contemporary management: 1. succeeding in a globalised and multicultural environment, 2. the importance of adapting/integrating digital technologies on all levels of work processes, management and markets, 3. understanding and forecasting business and market developments, 4. supporting and developing ethical, sustainable and responsible entrepreneurs, leaders and business practices, and 5. developing the research methods, management skills and knowledge to deliver on these objectives.

Our research topics

  • Entrepreneurship (e.g. refugee entrepreneurship, autistic entrepreneurship, Islamic entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship in economic turbulence and in emerging economies, entrepreneurial marketing, international entrepreneurship)
  • Equality and Diversity (e.g. sexual citizenship, intercultural collaboration, neurodiversity, voice in employment and labour relations, precarious work relationships, multicultural identities)
  • Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (e.g. sustainable consumer behaviour, integrated financial reporting, global citizenship, employee wellbeing, social marketing)
  • Teams and Leadership (e.g. virtual teams, remote working and leading during the COVID-19 pandemic, leading under uncertainty, multicultural teams, emergency response teams, project management, digital technologies & cooperation)
  • Decision Making and Common Good Dilemmas (e.g. voting behaviour, board management, knowledge sharing dilemmas, trust and identity, disaster and risk management, fake news, multi-stakeholder decision networks)
  • Brand Management (e.g. social media marketing, internet of things, brand loyalty, brand growth, brand perception, marketing communication)
  • Economic and Financial Modelling (e.g. international financial market integration, cryptocurrency markets, economic impact of Brexit, household debts in peripheral economies, portfolio optimisation)
  • Research Methods Development (e.g. gamification and game-based modelling, neural networks, graph theory, text mining, market and decision model simulations, assessment instruments)

The following Research Groups are part of the London Centre for Business and Entrepreneurship Research:

The London Centre for Business and Entrepreneurship Research (pronounce: L-Cyber) is led by Professor Karin Moser, Professor of Organisational Behaviour, LSBU Business School, and Honorary Professor of Social and Organisational Psychology, University of Queensland, Australia. The Deputy Lead of the London Centre for Business and Entrepreneurship Research is Dr Barbara Czarnecka, Associate Professor in Marketing and PhD Programme Lead, LSBU Business School.

Below is the full list of LCBER members. Please click on individual members’ names to find out more about their research and expertise:

Staff directory

Please click on the link below for a list of permanent LCBER members

At the London Centre for Business and Entrepreneurship Research LCBER (pronounce: L-Cyber), we collaborate with a wide range of private, public and third sector organisations in our areas of research expertise. Many of our members hold appointments and have formalised collaborations with leading universities and academic institutions across the globe.

Industry, public and 3rd sector collaborations

In the past few years, LCBER members have made an impact and collaborated with the following private, public and 3rd sector organisations as expert advisors, in contract research and consulting:

  • European Commission, European Asylum Support Office (EASO)
  • Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, Adelaide, Australia
  • Swiss Olympics, Federal Ministry of the Interior, Switzerland
  • Chartered Management Institute (CMI), UK
  • The British Council, UK
  • Society for Intercultural Education, Training, and Research, UK (SIETAR, UK)
  • Erasmus+ the European Commission's Programme, Belgium

Academic collaborations and honorary appointments

LCBER members are holding honorary academic appointments and have formalised collaborations and joint research grants with the following universities and academic institutions:

In the UK

  • University of Essex, Business School, UK
  • School of Health and Social Care, London South Bank University, UK
  • University of Cambridge, Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication, UK
  • University of Worcester, UK


  • University of Bern, Switzerland
  • University of South Australia, Business School, Adelaide, Australia
  • National University of Singapore, NUS Business School, Research Centre for AI Technology for Humankind (AiTH), Singapore
  • University of Queensland, School of Psychology, Australia
  • Qatar University, College of Business and Economics, Qatar
  • UC Leuven Limburg (UCLL), Belgium
  • Bursa Uludağ Üniversitesi, Turkey
  • Halmstad University, Sweden
  • Institute of Management Studies, University of Peshawar, Pakistan
  • Institute of Business Studies, Kohat University of Science and Technology, Pakistan
  • Mohanlal Sukhadia University, India
  • Pokhara University, Nepal
  • Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology, Beijing, China
  • Heilongjiang Institute of Technology, Harbin, China
  • University of Lusofona, Portugal
  • Helenic University, Greece
  • Vilinus University, Lithuania

Interested in evidence-based support for your business? We can help!

LCBER members have experience in working with practitioners across a wide range of sectors and can offer consultancy in the core areas below. If you would like support for your business, organisation or yourself, please contact the named expert directly to discuss options.


  • Equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI): Supporting organisations to develop inclusive cultures, effective EDI management practices and to build a strategic approach to EDI. Dr Aidan McKearney
  • Employee participation in decision-making: Supporting organisations to create, implement and improve participative management practices aimed at increasing employee participation in organisational decision-making. Experience with SMEs and start-ups. Dr Rea Prouska
  • Emotional intelligence: Supporting business owners, managers and employees to develop self and social awareness to improve their communication and relationships with colleagues. Dr John Opute
  • Multicultural teams: Supporting organisations with global teams working across cultures to increase their effectiveness. Prof Karin Moser; Dr May Tungtakanpoung
  • Knowledge management: Supporting organisations, leaders and employees in effectively sharing knowledge and information, and strategically developing and retaining core expertise, both online and face to face. Prof Karin Moser


  • Remote working and leading: Supporting organisations, leaders and employees in effectively managing virtual work while maintaining a healthy and productive work culture. Prof Karin Moser
  • Data management: Supporting organisations with digital transformation, value extraction from data, and with financial advice in planning debts/investment positions. Dr Valerio Ficcadenti


  • Marketing communications: Supporting organisations to effectively communicate with their consumers. Dr Barbara Czarnecka
  • Digital marketing strategies: Supporting organisations to develop low-cost, high-value tools which can be used strategically to promote their business. Experience with SMEs and start-ups. Dr Emily Ngan
  • Social media marketing strategies: Supporting organisations to create and implement social media marketing strategies especially for Instagram/Facebook. Experience with SMEs and start-ups. Dr Rana Tajvidi

Our publications

Members of the London Centre for Business and Entrepreneurship Research LCBER (pronounce: L-Cyber) publish internationally recognised research in leading academic journals and are authors of core textbooks in their areas of expertise. For an overview of recent research outputs and free access to our publications, please visit the LSBU open access repository and search under ‘Business’ or LCBER members’ names. Alternatively, visit the individual webpages of our members.

Our research impact cases

Our research makes a difference and has impact at national and international levels. LCBER members are passionate about working with businesses and public and 3rd sector organisations and about applying their knowledge to real world problems. Please read up on examples of recent research impact by our members Cherry Cheung, Dr Charles Graham and Prof Karin Moser on the following highly relevant topics:

Our conferences

LCBER members organise and host academic conferences with wide impact in the academic and practitioner communities. Recent examples include:

Academic journal editorships

LCBER members hold editorships and are members of editorial boards in leading international peer-reviewed journals, including: Journal of Applied Quantitative Methods; Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, International Journal of Managing Projects in Business; Work, Employment and Society; Journal of Personnel Psychology; Employee Relations.

Our ResearchToday! seminar series

LCBER is home to the ResearchToday! Seminar Series that we are holding weekly each Thursday at 12pm during term times (hosted as virtual seminars during COVID-19). The seminars show the breadth of research at LCBER and an excellent platform to meet, discuss and learn about our exciting research.

Join us for one of our ResearchToday! events where LCBER members, PhD students, visitors and collaborators present and discuss their most current research. Please see below for the most current as well as past seminar programmes:

Current talks are also advertised on What’s On at LSBU or you can email for more information. Visitors from outside the University are welcome!