London Centre for Business and Entrepreneurship Research

Leader: Professor Karin Moser, Director of Research and Enterprise and Professor of Organisational Behaviour, School of Business

Our research focuses on five research areas that are vital for contemporary business, management and entrepreneurship:

  • succeeding in a globalised and intercultural environment
  • influencing digital technologies on work processes, management and markets
  • forecasting business and market developments
  • ethical, sustainable and social entrepreneurs
  • developing the right management skills for those challenges

Our centre members have long-standing expertise in finance, economics, human resources, organisational behaviour, marketing, entrepreneurship, governance and enterprise education. They have strong ties with small and medium-sized enterprises and the public sector.

Centre Leader Prof. Moser has worked with approximately 20 companies and government organisations over recent years. As a result of her engagement, international high-tech company Sulzer Ltd are completely changing their organisational structure to reduce barriers to sharing knowledge across disciplines.

This enables the Centre to conduct high-level, interdisciplinary research in areas such as:

  • Intercultural management: addressing the needs of businesses in a global context with a diverse workforce and international collaboration partners
  • Digital Economy: responding to the challenges and opportunities of the digital age by understanding the role of social media and big data for businesses,  marketing and the development of smart cities, as well as the management of virtual teams and remote collaborations
  • Economic and financial modelling: to help forecast economies and financial markets, and understand and model consumer, employee and stakeholder behaviour
  • Business ethics and corporate social responsibility: to lead and manage in an ethical and sustainable way, value equality and diversity, and develop successful social entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial skills development and experiential learning: developing the necessary skills for the next generation of managers and entrepreneurs

Our Member Dr Charles Graham has worked with Southwark Council to understand what measures can be used to safeguard the long-term economic viability of their high streets and associated shopping precincts.