Business Groups

LBSU Business School has the following Research Groups:

Digital economy

Head: Professor Karin Moser

We provide insight into how to respond to the challenges and opportunities of the digital age by understanding online consumer behaviour and the role of social media in marketing; how to manage virtual teams and remote collaborations successfully; how to prevent online fraud; and what the value of big data is to businesses.

Business ethics and corporate social responsibility

Head: Cherry Cheung

We are investigating how to lead a business in a responsible, ethical and sustainable way; apply the principles of lean management and integrated reporting; manage and value equality and diversity; and develop successful social entrepreneurship.

Intercultural management

Head: Dr Rea Prouska

We provide evidence of how to succeed in a global business across cultural and national boundaries and how to work with a diverse workforce and international collaboration partners by developing intercultural skills and understanding cultural, regional and national differences in consumer behaviour, work relationships and attitudes, cultural norms and values, crisis management, governance and social policy.

Economic and financial modelling

Head: Dr Weiou Wu

Understanding financial markets and consumer behaviour is central to a strategy for any entrepreneur or business. Our research focuses on predicting financial markets and modelling consumer behaviour, applying behavioural economics to understand employee and stakeholder behaviour and understanding markets and developing economies in transition.