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Welcome sessions

Meet the International team and your fellow students

The Immigration and International Student Advice Team have arranged a range of activities to help support you as an international student throughout the enrolment period, where you formally become a student of the University.  

International Arrivals Room

18-21 September 2017
10am  to 3pm
Location: Technopark GA-00

Have you just arrived in the UK? Need to register with the Police or collect your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)? Do you need help?  

Drop by our International Arrivals Sessions where you can ask any questions, access your email, collect your BRP or just have a chat to members of the Immigration and International Student Advice Team.

International Welcome

21 September 2017
5pm to 7pm
Location: Events Theatre, Keyworth

At the International Welcome Sessions there are opportunities to:

  • learn about adjusting to life in the UK and the University
  • meet other international students
  • meet key members of University staff
  • find out about important services offered by the University
  • find out how to make the most of your time in the UK

Register for the international student welcome.

Shopping and local area tour

26 and 28 September 2017
12 to 2pm
Location: meet outside Admissions and Recruitment Centre (ARC)

Come for a walk with our Student Ambassadors to get to know the local area.  Find shops, restaurants and things to do near our central campus.

GP registration

27 September 2017
12pm to 3pm
Location: K-103, Keyworth

Stay healthy and save time! Come and register your details with the local Doctor right here at the University.

Students whose courses last at least six months are entitled to the same medical treatment as an ordinary resident of the UK. It is important that you register with your local Doctor as soon as possible so that, in the event you fall ill during your studies, you can receive the medical treatment you need. Register for this event.

International welcome party

28 September 2017
From 5pm
Location: TBC

The International Office will be hosting an event to welcome you to LSBU. Come and enjoy some free food and meet fellow international students and the staff who will support you during your studies. There will be a quiz with prizes and photo booth. Register for this event.

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