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Enrolment is the online process through which you officially become an LSBU student. When you enrol, you'll confirm your right to study in the UK, upload your identification documents, and confirm how you're paying for your course.

Your email inviting you to enrol is the first step of the process. If you've accepted an offer to study at LSBU, you’ll get an email from enrol@lsbu.ac.uk over the Summer, with a link to the online enrolment portal.

This invitation will be sent to the email address on your record, so make sure we have your up-to-date details. It's also worth adding enrol@lsbu.ac.uk to your address book, and occasionally checking your spam/junk folders, just in case.

Please note: enrolment invitation emails are sent out in batches, so not everyone will receive them at the same time.

Most commonly asked questions about enrolment:

If you can't find an answer to your question in our full list of enrolment and induction FAQs, or it's close to the beginning of term and you've not yet received your enrolment invitation email, then please contact us by emailing enrol@lsbu.ac.uk