When you start at LSBU, you join a community which extends far beyond the classroom. Welcome Week and beyond is your chance to sample everything LSBU has to offer


Induction includes an introduction to your course, the school, and the key information that you will need for your time here at LSBU. You’ll be expected to attend these sessions, as they are essential to studying and will give you great opportunities to get to know your course teams, lecturers, school staff and – most importantly – your peers on your course.

The content covered will be different on every course, but includes the following:

*An overview of your course

*Modules that you will study across your course

*The support services that we offer here at LSBU to help you excel in your studies

*Opportunities for you to be involved outside of the classroom with South Bank Students’ Union

*Careers planning

*Behavioral expectations of all students at LSBU

*Mental health and wellbeing

You'll find the dates for your induction sessions in:

your course timetable