We come to you

Alongside our student ambassadors, we can deliver talks along at your school or college

We're committed to providing information, advice and guidance on student progression to university. We offer applied, professional and technical education. All our workshops cover Gatsby Benchmark 7.

We will share our expertise to support your students and raise their aspirations, providing them with the tools they need to progress to higher education and encouraging them to think big.

We offer a variety of workshops:

WorkshopStudent levelDescription

Introduction to apprenticeships

Year 11, Year 12

Introducing what an apprenticeship is. Giving students information on different types of apprenticeships. Touching on the differences between choosing to study at university or an apprenticeship.

Making the most out of your summer holiday

Year 11, Year 12

This talk will inspire your students to think about the opportunities they can get involved in during their summer holidays whilst thinking about how they can use this time to strengthen their personal statements and university applications.

Why go to uni?

Year 11, Year 12

In this talk, we will discuss the benefits of going to university and look at how certain careers require specific degrees. Students will understand how going to university is not only beneficial for their careers but also for their personal lives.

Subject-specific, interactive workshops

Year 11, Year 12

Our academics come to your school or college to deliver bespoke subject specific workshops. Workshops are available in a wide range of subjects.

How to apply

Year 12

Introducing the UCAS application cycle. Giving students an understanding on where to begin, steps they need to take as well as key dates.

Personal Statements: an introduction

Year 12

This introduction talk is for Year 12 students who are starting to think about their University personal statements. This talk will cover the basics of a personal statement, including its importance, and how to begin writing it.

Life as a student

Year 12

Delivered by a current LSBU student, this session will give Year 12s an insight into what life as a student is really like.

Applying for apprenticeships

Year 12, Year 13

Covering step by step how to successfully apply to an apprenticeship. Learners will leave feeling confident that they can search and apply for an apprenticeship.

Making the most out of a University Fair and Open Days

Year 12, Year 13

We know how daunting University Fairs and Open Days can be, so we have put together this talk to ensure that your students get the most out of them. Your students will feel empowered to ask the questions that will help them make the right choices.

Studying in London

Year 12, Year 13

This talk will cover the opportunities for students studying in London and discuss any common concerns attendees may have, from living expenses to life in a big city.

Mastering MMIs

Year 13

Aimed at students who have applied to healthcare courses. This will cover what to expect in MMIs (Multiple Mini Interviews).

Personal Statements: editing and refining

Year 13

This talk is for Year 13 students who have started their personal statements or have attended our introduction talk. This talk will go into more detail on how to refine their drafts personal statements. Students should have completed a first draft to benefit from this talk.

Student finance and budgeting

Year 13

Covering the basics of student finance and busting any student finance myths. This talk is usually delivered by one of our ambassadors and gives a real insight into what budgeting as a student is like. Your students will leave feeling more confident on how to handle their finances.

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