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Enrolment Frequently Asked Questions

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We want enrolment to be as simple and as stress-free as possible.

We know that that you may have questions, so we have answered some of the most common below. Questions and answers are organised in sections:

If you're unable to find the answer you need, please email the Enrolment Team or use the chat function on the bottom right of our website.

Before enrolment

What do I do if my email address has changed?

When will I receive the email with my enrolment login details?

I haven’t received enrolment information

I’ve received the email - so what do I do now?

What documents do I need for enrolment before I log in?

All applicants

International students, including EU

ATAS Certificate

Highest Qualification Details

Tuition Fees

Where do I find my Student Finance CRN or SSN?

A picture for your LSBU student ID card

Enrolling online

How do I access online enrolment?

I've forgotten my password - what do I do?

I've forgotten my password and security question - what do I do?

How long does it take to complete online enrolment?

I’m having trouble uploading documents

Why can’t I select some of the tasks?

The system keeps freezing - what should I do?

Who do I contact if I’m having problems with the online system?

I can’t see my course or the course shown is wrong - what should I do?

I’m not sure which disability category to select

Do I put my LSBU course into the highest qualification on entry?

Why are you asking some very personal questions?

Why are you asking me for information about my family’s nationality?

Is all the information I’m giving you safe?

What sort of photo should I upload for my student ID?

Do I have to pay for my course as part of the online enrolment?

I haven’t yet applied for a Student Finance Loan, will this affect my enrolment?

I have applied for a student loan but at a different university, what do I do?

I was on a course at LSBU previously; do I need to enrol again?

What is the difference between enrolment and induction?

What happens after I complete the online part of enrolment?

Other questions

I’m no longer coming to LSBU this year, what do I need to do now?

How do I set up my Student IT Account?

How do I apply for accommodation?

I need a letter confirming I am enrolled

How do I get a Student Oyster Card?

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