Clearing at LSBU

Clearing is your chance to find a place at LSBU. If you have not yet applied, did not get the results you expected, or if you’ve simply changed your mind– LSBU is here to take you from application to graduation.

This year, choose a university that gives you access to some of London’s most exciting businesses, with placements, work experience and courses designed in partnership with industry. Here you'll get the experience you need for the working world before you graduate.

What is clearing?

How to apply

What happens once I have my offer?

What do I do now

1. Plan Ahead

We know Clearing can be busy - so plan ahead and beat the rush. Find out what we offer and see why we are the right Uni for you. Know your expected and achieved grades – but also make sure you write down some important points about yourself – we are interested in your potential and not just your grades.

2. Consider your options

Check the courses available and find the best match for your future – sometimes the most obvious choice may not be the only choice. Check the course modules and how assessments work, and if you have any questions make sure you call us.

3. Understand Clearing at LSBU

banner image videosWatch our helpful videos so you are familiar with the Clearing process. You could be ready to apply or still waiting for your results – either way we can help.

4. LSBU Support

We are here to support you through Clearing and provide advice and support on a wide range of non-academic and educational needs from the very start.

5. Register or Apply

You can register or apply online, by calling our 24/7 Clearing line or popping in to see us in person at Admissions and Recruitment Centre, Technopark, 90 London Road, London, SE1 6LN Monday - Friday between 9am and 5pm.

Student Life


LSBU HubOur Southwark campus is in SE1, right in the heart of South London. £3 billion has been invested into the area, including a £20 million new public leisure centre. It’s a unique place and is without doubt one of the most up-and-coming areas in London - so come and be part of it!

Some people think studying in London means losing the campus vibe, but that’s certainly not the case at LSBU. Our students always tell us they love the community feel we have on campus.  Everything is close together, giving our students a shared space to learn and unwind, including plenty of pubs, clubs and cafes - perfect for meetups with friends.

Top 5 things to do in South London.


LSBU Croydon Croydon is fast becoming one of London's largest growth centres and our new home in Electric House is the first and only university in this ambitious community.

Our Croydon campus is the latest in a string of exciting developments in one of London’s most ambitious areas. Home to big businesses, entrepreneurs and a unique South London buzz, Croydon is one of the city’s biggest growth centres, and we’re playing our part in its transformation.

Top 5 things to do in South London.


LSBU HaveringJoin hundreds of like-minded Nursing students at our Havering campus. Away from the bustle and hustle of the city, Havering is a warm and welcoming campus environment. Classes are small and the campus has a tight knit community, which enables students to make friends and socialise with each other.

You’ll meet people like you, who want to make a difference in our society and change lives every day – that’s a feeling you just can’t beat! Top 5 things to do in Havering. Top 5 things to do in Havering.

Top 5 things to do in Havering.

Our Students

Meet Abo
Engineering Product Design Graduate
Digital Product Designer

Don't stop, keeping going. Be grateful for what you've achieved so far. Be grateful for where you are.

The support he received at LSBU has helped Abo to become a Digital Product Designer; and now he gets to add a touch of class and beauty to UX design in his dream job.

Meet Emilie
LSBU Graduate
Founder, Bizzie Bodies

The University prepares you to be a professional, and in fact University is a professional world.

Emilie was supported to build Bizzie Bodies through LSBU's enterprise scheme. She now helps to make her community happy through allowing them create, develop, share and learn together.

Meet Alton
Business Graduate
Project Manager and Olympic athlete

University has set me up to work hard, know what I need to do, and chase after those goals.

While studying at LSBU, Alton gained the ability to combine his studies with being an athlete with academic flexibility. Now he is hoping to represent Jamaica at the 2020 Olympic Games, while helping to bridge the gap between young people and arts organisations.

Meet Anna
PGCE Graduate
Founder and Co-Artistic Director of Waterloo Community Theatre

Juggling full-time study and parenthood is hard but I felt really supported by LSBU. I know there was always someone I could ask for help when I needed it.

Anna made friends for life at LSBU. While studying, she got the support she needed to study full time and be a single mum. She founded the Waterloo Community Theatre, combining her love for education and theatre.

New Students at LSBU

Welcome to LSBU!

Welcome to our enrolment and induction hub, where you will find everything you need to start at LSBU. Read on to discover how you can get ready to join LSBU, and how to make the most of your first few weeks at university.

Welcome and Induction will begin from the 12th of September for Institute of Health and Social Care students, and starts from the 19th  September for all other new students.

International students are expected to be in the country from the 12thas we have a dedicated program of Induction and Welcome events – to help get you started with life in the UK and at LSBU!

The new semester (Teaching week 1) begins on Monday 26th September 2022 for all new and returning students.

Any questions?

  • Explore our FAQs to find answers to commonly asked questions about life at LSBU. You can browse by category, or use the search bar to find what you’re after.


Already got your grades and an idea of what you want to study? Great! We’re standing by to take your applications through social media – we may be able to give you an offer today.

To apply though social media, you'll need to have:

  • Your grades
  • The subject(s) you want to study

We're available to take social media applications on Monday 15 August 8am-7pm

Drop us a message on the platforms below to start your application:


Like our official Facebook page and send us a private message.


Follow @LSBU and send us a DM.


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