Clearing at LSBU

Clearing at London South Bank University is now open!

Whether your plans have changed, and you now want to go to university, or if you've changed your mind about what and where to study, Clearing is now open at London South Bank University (LSBU), and we have places available for September 2023 on a number of courses!

To apply, call our hotline on 0800 923 8888.  Lines are open 24 hours.  Alternatively, you can apply online.

CALL 0800 923 8888

Is Clearing right for me?

Below are some common scenarios that might lead you to apply through Clearing at LSBU.

Congratulations on such a huge achievement! Clearing is a great option for you, as it means you now have access to a much broader range of options, and you may find a course at LSBU that will suit you better. Give our team a call on 0800 923 8888 to discuss your options.

We understand it may seem disappointing to not get the grades you were expecting, but our team of advisors are on hand to support you every step of the way. Clearing gives you the chance to explore a range of options that you may not have even originally considered! From Law to Engineering, we have a wide range of courses available, and you’ll be sure to find the right course for you through Clearing at LSBU. Call our team on 0800 923 8888 to discuss your options.

If you hadn’t originally considered studying at university and now think it’s right for you, Clearing is the perfect option. Many people think that Clearing is only for students who have recently completed education, but Clearing is a great option for mature students or those who are thinking about recommencing their studies after a break. Give our team a call on 0800 923 8888 to discuss your options.

Having second thoughts about your firm choice or course? It’s not too late to change your mind and our team of advisors are on hand to talk you through your options. Give our team a call on 0800 923 8888 and we’ll support you in finding a course that perfectly complements your career goals.

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We’ve got your back

If you bring the passion and drive, we’ll provide the real world knowledge, connections and support you need to become the best version of yourself. You’re not just another student at LSBU. Everyone is unique. We see your individual strengths and help remove any barriers to your progress.

Manage results day anxiety

Results day can come with a lot of pressure, and if you're feeling anxious or stressed you're definitely not alone. Lisa Hellawell, Wellbeing Lead at LSBU, shares some advice:

  1. Get moving. Walk, dance, wiggle – moving your body in whatever way is accessible to you can prevent stress and anxiety from building up. We’d recommend intentionally moving your body every day.
  1. Get outside. Fresh air and naturally green spaces can boost our mood and reduce stress levels. The more daylight we get, the better. Getting exposure to daylight early in the day will help you fall asleep in the evening, which brings us to…
  1. Prioritise your sleep. Staying up late the night before results day will leave you feeling tired and anxious. We recommend that you get an early night, and wind down with non-screen-based activities such as reading a book, listening to a podcast, or having a chat with someone.
  1. Maintain perspective and encourage yourself. We can all experience thoughts such as ‘if I fail, my future is ruined’. But remember that thoughts aren’t facts: we have power of them. Say positive, affirming things out loud to combat negative thoughts. For example, you could say ‘I have not let myself or anyone else down’ or ‘My worth is not defined by my exam results’. Add statements like these on your mirror, phone background, kettle or any other place you see often!  And when you see them, repeat them out loud to train your brain to be affirming, rather than critical.
  1. Speak to someone. Remember, you are never alone. Talking to someone about how we’re feeling usually makes us feel better. It doesn’t matter if this is a friend, family member, teacher or a stranger. If you are feeling overwhelmed and unsure what to do next,  you can call Samaritans on 123 123, NHS on 111, or in an emergency, 999.

Didn't get the grades you were hoping for?

If you don’t get the grades you were expecting, there’s no need to panic. We’ve always believed education should be accessible to all, so we prefer to take a holistic view rather than always solely relying on grades.

We’ll consider things like your application, your qualifications, your performance at interview or in auditions, and even any personal experiences you’ve had outside of mainstream education.

We understand exams aren’t for everyone. We've made sure our teaching allows you to focus more on real-world projects and live briefs.

Find your tribe

We know moving away from home, commuting in or even just starting a new chapter at university can feel overwhelming. Before you even start with us, we’ll put you in touch with other students so you can start making connections straight away.

We also have a range of societies that you can join and find like-minded people in. So whether you want to continue playing rugby, create new connections with people from the same background as you, or learn something new, we’ve got your back. Check out our range of clubs and societies on the South Bank Student’s Union website.

Get stuck in

Once you accept a place at LSBU, your journey to graduation begins. In the first few weeks of university, we’ll work with you to development your personalised development plan, helping us identify your needs so we can tailor our support across both your academic and general student life.

You don’t need to worry whether university is the right choice for you as we’ll be supporting you every step of the way. If you have any immediate concerns, do speak to our trained advisors. You can also be assured that as soon as you land there will be a range of support available. This includes help with finances and applying for grants, keeping your mental health and wellbeing in check, or getting involved in extracurricular activities to help build confidence. Whatever it is, we can help.

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Hear from our students directly on their experiences studying at LSBU, including life as a student, our empolyability benefits and the courses we offer. Click on each title below to browse our YouTube videos.

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