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  • Biox - getting under the skin of the cosmetics industry

    Biox - getting under the skin of the cosmetics industry

    Continued collaboration between LSBU and Biox, an LSBU start-up company, has resulted in technology that sets new standards in measuring changes to skin.

  • LSBU research helps London Underground passengers keep cool

    LSBU research helps London Underground passengers keep cool

    London Underground Limited turns to LSBU to find a cost-effective cooling solution for it's passengers that could save millions.

  • Learning for children with Specific Language Impairment

    Learning for children with Specific Language Impairment

    LSBU education research is helping children with language difficulties to access new ways to learn and develop.

  • Patient Dignity and Person Centred Integrated Care

    Patient Dignity and Person Centred Integrated Care

    Over the last decade, a changing hospital population has seen a rise in the number of older frailer people being attended to. Prof Lesley Baillie's work looks at the increasingly important subject of patient dignity.

  • The ESOL overseas-trained nurse

    The term ESOL is often used to embrace people who are English speakers of other languages. The globalisation of nursing recruitment means that many nurses now working in the UK obtained their nursing qualifications overseas, where they were taught in a language other than English.

  • Complementary therapy provision for people with HIV disease

    This project was an independent evaluation of the provision of complementary therapies at a community HIV clinic in Northwest London.

  • The Public Health Practitioner Programme

    Paying particular attention to its impact on workforce capability and competence; its acceptability to employers and practitioners; its quality assurance processes and the feasibility of its processes of implementation and delivery.

  • Developing Healthier Nursing Students

    This project will investigate the impact of a training programme on health and lifestyles on student nurses’ health status and self-reported lifestyle. 'Making Every Contact Count' (MECC) is an NHS initiative to encourage frontline workers to initiate conversations with patients based on behaviour change methodologies.

  • Supported Lodgings for Young People Leaving Care

    This project researched the supported lodgings provisions, policies and practice of social services departments providing statutory support and advice to young people leaving the care system.

  • The Health Trainer programme in Wessex

    The DH Health Trainer Programme Central Team and British Psychological Society Consultants to the DH Central Team identified a need for more qualitative data to capture the impact that a Health Trainer intervention has on individuals, including the broader impact on the health of their families and communities.


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