Nikita Listopad- BA (Hons) Film and TV Practice

Where are you from and which course did you choose to study?

I moved to London from Riga (Latvia). And the course that I studied was Film and TV Practice (Directing, Producing, Screenwriting Pathway).

Tell us about the RTS awards and your nomination and how did this come about?

We won the Craft Award for the Best Editing at London Student Television Awards 2024 (by Royal Television Society) for our film ‘4 Soldiers’. Few films from our university were nominated but only two won, which is exciting! We met different new talented young filmmakers just like us at the RTS, with their authentic visions. Our film won the nomination for the Best Editing and received a honourable mention in ‘Best Drama’ nomination by one of the jury - Rosemary Smith.

To be honest, I had hoped, but did not expect victory, so when the host of the event called our film, we were all filled with happiness about the long-awaited reward for the work we all put into this work, on which we worked for 2 years and in which I personally invested 10,000 pounds from my wallet, working hard for 2 years, because I believed in the idea of this film. I am glad that the jury of RTS highly appreciated my vision and the idea that I reveal in this film. This is just the beginning and only a small part of what I can and will do. Next will be NFTS (National Film and Television School). After - A24.

Putting my experience to good use

The thing I liked most about my course was discussing topics and ideas with teachers in our free time. Sometimes they can see completely unexpected and surprising things.

What do you want to do next with your degree?

I now work as a freelancer and am in the process of organising my own production ‘Jaws’ with experimental and avant-garde filmmakers. My current role is film director and visual artist. The thing I am most enjoying about my job is generating and developing each time a new concept for a new project. In the next two years, I plan to enter the NFTS (National and Television School) for a master's degree, where I will continue my path as a fiction film director, after which I plan to apply to A24.

More than just a degree?

This course helped me gain the experience I need from our teachers Stephania Marangoni, Chris Elliot and Patrick Tarrant, who can always place your thinking in non-standard conditions, forcing you to think and find new non-standard solutions and ideas. You can’t just find that knowledge anywhere on the internet. Only with them.

What advice would you give to people thinking about studying at LSBU?

The best thing about my experience at LSBU was exploring something new. Don't be afraid to approach and ask teachers about what really interests you. Be a discoverer. This is your journey. Be observative and inquisitive. Everyone will be able to take away from this place as much knowledge as they can carry.


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