Community of practice

Find out how to get involved in the new research and practice community around supporting gender equalities in teacher education in Vietnam

As part of the MGEMS we will create a new community of practice (CoP) that brings together role models, peer mentors and critical friends across Vietnam and the UK to support ongoing capacity and capability building. The MGEM community of practice will provide teachers and teacher educators with a safe space to explore their practice and to exchange ideas, perspectives, challenges and achievements with a peer community. The MGEMS CoP will ensure a lasting legacy of networks and connections for the project.

How will the MGEMS CoP connect to other networks?

The MGEMS project will connect to other important CoPs to support sustainability and national and international networking. Identified CoPs include:

  • EnPOWER Vietnam
  • International Professional Development Association (IPDA)
  • STEM-POWER Indonesia

How will the CoP work?

  • The CoP will meet both online and face to face. Online events will bring together CoP members from across institutions. Face-to-face events will be hosted by CoP members in their own institutions.
  • Members will share the findings and provocations of the project in a dynamic way over the 12-month period of the project, providing opportunities for exploration and discussion of the issues emerging.
  • The CoP will become a space to support peer mentoring and coaching as well as practice sharing.

When will the COP take place?

  • The CoP will be launched at the kick-off symposium and will run alongside the project.

How can I join the CoP?

  • If you would like to join the MGEMS Community of Practice please get in touch via
  • We look forward to hearing from you!