Law and Social Sciences Groups

The School of Law and Social Sciences has the following Research Groups:

Access to Justice

Head: Dr Emmanouela Mylonaki

The research of this Group focuses on the following themes: (1) corporate liability – business, human rights and corporate social responsibility; vicarious liability of parent companies for the acts of their subsidiaries; corporate governance and shareholder justice; (2) clinical legal education - benefits for students; benefits for clients and meeting the unmet need for legal advice; (3) law and technology - the use of legal technology to enhance access to justice. The group is adopting an international comparative law approach to these issues, particularly through collaboration with our international partners.

Crime and Justice Research Group

Head: Dr Chris Magill

As an interdisciplinary group we aim to make a difference to those groups/individuals who are criminalised and/or marginalised, particularly those who are already vulnerable or experiencing inequality. Our initial research focus is on the penal system, which includes those institutions responsible for detaining asylum seekers and other migrants for administrative purposes.

Twitter: @LSBU_Crime

Critical Autism/Disability Studies

Head: Fabienne Benoist

The principle “nothing about us without us” underpins the concept of participatory disability/autism research. As a group, we aim to develop an understanding of critical autism/disability studies through participatory research, which is informed by, and of practical use to, autistic/disabled people and their allies.

Twitter: @CADS_LSBU

Education 4 Social Justice (Ed4SJ)

Head: Dr Martha Shaw and Dr Helen Young

We are concerned with social justice and inclusive education across all age ranges. Our initial priority research areas are: 1) Social exclusion (especially prison-based education, youth violence and school exclusion); 2) Research informed practice in education; 3) Religion and worldviews in education; 4) Global citizenship education.

Twitter: @EDU4SJ_LSBU

Race, Gender and Sexualities

Heads: Dr Clara Eroukhmanoff and Dr Shaminder Takhar

We focus on the different experiences of individuals and groups in society, both nationally and internationally, based on their gender and/or sexual orientation. This research theme encompasses topics including: gender, culture and society; gender, race, sexuality and identity; gender, crime and the criminal justice system; gender and victimisation; human rights; equal rights; violence against women; female activism and political agency.

Twitter: @LSBU_RaceGender

Sustainability – Policy, Practice and Pedagogy

Head: Dr Jaya Gajparia and Dr Antonia Noussia

Sustainability is an imperative for the future of our planet. We will draw from the natural sciences and social sciences in order to foster a new type of learning, innovation and development that addresses the complex, real world problems of today such as climate change, global inequality, forced migration, biodiversity loss and social and environmental justice.

Twitter: @LSBU_SRG

Space and Place

Head: Dr Sophie Elsmore and Dr Sam Johnson-Schlee

It is important to understand the socio-economic, political and environmental relations and processes that underpin the construction of space and place since they are central to peoples’ individual and collective wellbeing. We aim to develop critical understandings of space and place, with a focus on the policy mechanisms which underpin their creation, use and effective management.

Twitter: @Space_PlaceLSBU