Beyond Rights: Agency and Activism

The Beyond Rights: Agency and Activism research group brings together interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary scholarship within the School of Law and Social Sciences around the central themes of social justice, human rights, agency and activism.  Group members work together, and with key stakeholders and civil society associations, to critically engage with the concept of rights and seek out ways to eliminate inequalities experienced by individuals and groups within contemporary society; locally, nationally and globally. The group's work considers laws, regulations and instruments of governance with a critical eye. It also considers key social problems, from access to housing to the activities of multinational corporations.

Our members include:

  • Alan Russell
  • Artem Nazarko
  • Aurelia Guo
  • Caitriona Beaumont
  • Chris Okafor
  • David Birchall
  • Emma Rehal-Wilde
  • Farnush Ghadery
  • Judith Onwubiko
  • Nicki Martin
  • Orlagh Maye
  • Ozan Kamiloglu
  • Petero Kalule
  • Sanna Ström
  • Sarah Hodgson-Jones

Caitriona Beaumont - AHRC Funded International Research Network (August 2023-February 2025) - Agency and Advocacy: Locating Women's Grassroots Activism in England and Ireland, 1918 to the present

Farnush Ghadery - Feminist TWAIL Collective. The Feminist TWAIL Collective is a collective for academics and activists working on critical feminist approaches to TWAIL (Third World Approaches to International Law), specifically, and international law, more broadly.

Chris Okafor – Realizing the Right to a Healthy Environment: A case study of the Niger Delta

Sanna Ström – Rethinking Company Law for the Benefit of Society

  • Beyond Rights Summer Conference ‘Human Rights Past, Present, and Future’  (5 June 2024)
  • Women's Grassroots Activism AHRC Research Network Online Conference (9-10 May 2024)
  • Justice for Laughing Boy Conference (7 May 2024)
  • A Philosophical History of Police Power and Everything Is Police – Book Launch (20 March 2024)
  • Launch of the Think Tank of Iranian Affairs, ‘Iran in Transition’ (6 October 2023)
  • Business and Human Rights PhD Speaker Series (February-May 2023)
  • Feminist TWAIL Collective: Workshop ‘Critical Feminist Engagements with TWAIL' (7 June 2022)
  • LSBU International Women’s Day 2022 Public History Event ‘London’s Historical Blue Plaques: who do we remember and who do we forget?’ (28 March 2022)
  • ‘LSBU 100, Centenary of Women in Engineering’ Event: Smashing Gender Stereotypes’ (21 April 2021)
  • LSBU ‘The Menopause: Challenging the Taboo’, International Women’s Day (8 March 2021)

Some selected publications from members of the group:

Caitriona Beaumont, E. Colpus & R. Davidson (eds.), (in press: 2024) Everyday Welfare in Modern British History: experiential expertise, action and activism (Palgrave Studies in the History of Experience Series).

Caitriona Beaumont (2020) Women’s Organisations, Active Citizenship and the Peace Movement: new perspectives on female activism in Britain, 1918-1939 Diplomacy and Statecraft 31, 4, pp. 697-721.

David Birchall and Rachel Chambers (2024). ‘How European Human Rights Law Will Reshape U.S. Business’ University of California Law Business Journal 20(1), 3-58. How European Human Rights Law Will Reshape U.S. Business (

David Birchall and Nadia Bernaz (2023). ‘Business Strategy as Human Rights Risk: the Case of Private Equity’ Human Rights Review 24, 1–23.

Farnush Ghaderywith Professor Jayne Huckerby Research Handbook on Gender and Human Rights (forthcoming, Edward Elgar Publishing 2024).

Farnush Ghadery with Shaimaa Abdelkarim and Rohini Sen, ‘Collective Feminist Ethos in International Law’ (2023) 49(1) Australian Feminist Law Journal 123–139.