Mapping resources

Access resources related to the kick-off  symposium and the literature review

The mapping will be achieved through a kick-off symposium that will be bring together researchers, practitioners and interested stakeholders to ‘map’ the field of gender equalities in school teacher education in Vietnam. This mapping will refer to the policy context, research literature and ‘grey’ literature and will be used to develop research-informed teacher education resources.

Kick-off symposium

The kick-off symposium programme will include contributions from key researchers as well as inputs from teacher educators, policymakers and senior leaders with responsibility for gender equalities in teacher education. This event will bring key stakeholders into dialogue to identify key issues and concerns and agenda for change.

The symposium will establish community led success criteria against which the project outcomes can be evaluated and help to frame production of the literature review.

The kick-off symposium will also launch the MGEMS Community of Practice Network that will bring together role models, peer mentors and critical friends across Vietnam and the UK to support ongoing capacity and capability building.

Literature review

The literature review will create a touchstone reference point for teacher educators, new and existing teachers that frames their learning and ensures learning is evidence based.