School of Nursing and Midwifery interviews

Information about your interview

Information about your interview

The School of Nursing and Midwifery has a duty of care to ensure the health and wellbeing of all our prospective students, as well as our staff and student body. That remains our priority. As a result of the ever-changing situation concerning the Covid-19 pandemic, our selection interview days on campus have been replaced with telephone or online video interviews.

These interviews aim to assess your values and your suitability for the course you have chosen. The questions you will be asked will assess your values related to your ability to practice compassionately, being committed to quality, in working together for all patients, with respect and dignity, to improve their lives, to ensure they match the NHS Constitution.


You will be asked a range of questions on a one to one basis. You will be asked to consider a scenario from everyday life or related to a situation that a health or social care professional may need to manage within their working life. You will be asked to discuss what you might do in the given situation or try to solve. You are not expected to demonstrate clinical knowledge but instead, reflect on your experiences when forming your responses.

Example questions could include:

  • A question that allows you to demonstrate your commitment to the course and profession
  • Give your opinion on a healthcare topic
  • How you would go about a difficult situation, for example demonstrating how you would break bad news to your interviewer

What interviewers are looking for

For social work, chiropractic or sport rehabilitation students the values of the accrediting body for your profession will also be considered. Interviewers are looking for honest, genuine answers that are true to you and demonstrate that you have the values and attributes expected for the course and profession.

At your interview, you will need proof of your identity, by showing one of the following: passport, national identification card or driving licence. If you do not have one of these, we can postpone your interview until you have obtained it, simply contact our Admissions Office and inform them.


Values and attributes for professions

All professions

  • LSBU Values
  • NHS Principles and Values
  • GCC
  • Additional

  • Chiropractic: General Chiropractic Council’s Code of Conduct
  • Sport Rehabilitation: British Association of Sport Rehabilitators and Trainers Role Delineation Document 
  • Succeeding in your application

    Your responses:

    • Speak clearly, confidently and convincingly about your reasons for choosing this career
    • Listen to the questions, reflect, recover and provide relevant answers that demonstrate intellectual curiosity and a reflective nature
    • Adequately express problem-solving skills and use initiative in your answers
    • Reflect on your personal qualities, skills and what you have learnt through any placement or work experience when presenting your answers
    • Articulate answers using appropriate language
    • Request clarification confidently (when required)

    Interview preparation tips:

    • Reflect on your personal qualities, skills and what you have learnt through any placement or work experience with your answers
    • Be clear about why you are choosing this career, and practise your answer with a friend
    • Try and get a good night’s sleep the night before your interview
    • Stay calm and take your time to consider your answers

    If you successfully pass your interview, you’ll be notified via email (UCAS Track for undergraduates), usually within two weeks of your interview and offered a place on your chosen course.

    You will be notified by email if any further documentation is needed before LSBU can make you an offer. If you are asked for extra documents, please make sure you send these back quickly. Not doing so will delay us being able to make you an offer.

    If you have successfully passed your interview, we will be excited to make you an offer. See information and events for offer holders.

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