Postgraduate right for me

Is a Postgraduate Right for Me?

In these uncertain times, it’s completely understandable to be second-guessing your next step. Could a postgraduate degree be the way forward?

For over 125 years, we’ve helped students from all walks of life find their very own version of success. Our work: forward learning and central London location are designed to bring our students closer to the industries which surround them, allowing them to make a real, tangible difference (like developing affordable energy to help London go carbon neutral by 2050).

Is a postgraduate degree right for you? We’ve addressed some of your most pressing queries and concerns below.

If job vacancies are rising, is it really worth my time to take a postgraduate degree?

While vacancies have been on the rise since 2021, economists are expecting this to peak and start slowing down by the end of 2022, so you may not want to hinge your decision on this.

In the long-term, a postgrad could lead to significantly higher earning potential. On average, postgraduate students earn 18% more than first-degree holders, six months after graduation (Higher Education Policy Institute, 2020).

A postgrad could also benefit you if you’re looking to:

  • Change career path
  • Specialise in your field
  • Further explore your passion

I’d like to climb higher in my career, but I don’t want to stop working.

No need to stop working! At LSBU, we have a range of part-time postgraduate courses available. Whether you want to go further with your current job, or move towards a new career, our courses enable you to balance study around your other commitments.

Studying in the heart of London, you’ll be well placed to make the most of networking opportunities, whatever your career path. Whether working with NHS Trusts, investing with JP Morgan, or giving legal advice with the South London Law Society, our postgraduate courses are where you’ll make the connections that really count.

We’re five minutes from Charing Cross, 15 from Canary Wharf and surrounded by industry partners like TFL, the BBC and Great Ormond Street. Don’t live nearby? We offer priority accommodation to postgraduates who live furthest away from our London campus.

What if I can’t afford a postgrad?

LSBU has a range of scholarships and financial support available to domestic and international students, as well as flexible payment options for self-funded students. If you’re an LSBU alumni, you may be eligible to receive a discount on your tuition fees under our LSBU Loyalty Award scheme.

Whether you’re planning to study full or part-time, you might also qualify for a postgraduate study loan of up to £11,570. You can check your eligibility on

In short, a postgraduate degree at LSBU is an opportunity to rise above the competition and gain industry experience with some of London’s most exciting businesses. Want to start investing in your future? Start your application today.