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At Havering there are three nursing skills laboratories, plus modern teaching rooms as well as an IT suite, a café, a large library and a student common room. The nursing skills laboratories are set up to replicate hospital wards, students use them to learn new nursing skills and practice in a safe, supervised environment prior to learning in a practice placement.


The campus environment here is designed to be friendly, warm and welcoming. Classes are small and the campus has a tight knit community, which enables students to make friends and socialise with each other. Students have easy access both to academic and support staff.


Within the laboratories a simulator mannequin is used known as SimMan. This computer controlled mannequin can be programmed with various clinical conditions, and is operated by computer in real-time which enables it to respond to the students' actions. SimMan can be male or female and breathes, has a pulse, blinks, sweats, and can speak and groan in pain.

Read more about the way students practice on SimMan and the value of using SimMan before students go out on placement.

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