Mark Langweiler on working with the chiropractors of the future

Mark Langweiler (DC, DAAPM) is the Course Director for the Integrated Masters in Chiropractic. After moving to our new Croydon Campus, he will be continuing in that position as well as taking on the role of Director at the new public Chiropractic clinic.

How did you get into this line of work?

Prior to turning to teaching full-time, I was in clinical practice for 25+ years. As a chiropractor, my experience was somewhat unique in that along with my chiropractic practice, I was the Director of Integrated Medicine at Atlantic Hematology Oncology in New Jersey, USA and a consultant for AtlantiCare, a diverse, healthcare facility also in New Jersey.

Additionally, I have practised in four countries, USA, Spain, the Netherlands and the UK. These experiences allowed me to broaden my view and gain some understanding of the wider healthcare needs of patients and their families. It was at this stage that I felt that the best way to help would be to start teaching. I had been lecturing on a very part-time basis before this but decided to move into full-time teaching 15 years ago.

What do you find most rewarding about your career?

The typical response is that I enjoy working with the chiropractors of the future, but that is the case. It offers me the opportunity to watch them grow and develop into safe and knowledgeable clinicians. I learn from them as well. And, to tell the truth, it keeps me young!

What appealed to you about the new opportunity at LSBU Croydon?

The Integrated Masters in Chiropractic is still in its infancy. This is a four year program and we are just entering into the fourth year, so we will be graduating our first cohort of students. It has been my privilege to develop and direct the program from the start.

The move to the Croydon campus is a further expansion of the program. We will not only have our students in the first three years acquiring their basic science and clinical skills but also a purpose-built clinic for their continued growth. It’s a very exciting time for both staff and students.

What do you think the future holds for Croydon?

There are several aspects to this question. First, the opportunity, as I mentioned above, to develop both the new chiropractic program but also the student clinic. And Croydon appears to be a growing community. I think we will grow and become an integrated part of the local and city-wide healthcare community.

What would you tell prospective students considering LSBU Croydon?

The Integrated Masters in Chiropractic is the only chiropractic program in London. But along with that, prospective students will have an opportunity to learn and work in a state-of-the art facility both for their academics and in the clinic. Being fully integrated into the Division of Sport Rehabilitation, Chiropractic and Physiotherapy, there is great scope to learn about other aspects of care and how we can work together. This is certainly a unique feature of the program.

What advice would you give students to help them succeed and reach their potential?

The staff are all dedicated academics and clinicians, and we strive to give the students to best of our knowledge and skills. We encourage the students to ask questions, to investigate the nature of health, healing and what their role can be to help patients recover and reach their potential.

This is an exciting time for the profession. The range of opportunities for employment are expanding and the work is highly satisfying. One aspect of the program that has had a significant effect has been sending the students out for observation each year. They typically return more motivated and excited about the direction they are taking then ever.

In general, what keeps you motivated?

My own sense of curiosity, academically, clinically, working with students. The chance to develop a new program certainly was motivating.

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