Reading Development

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Reading is a tool that can support students to access valuable knowledge and expand their horizons as they develop into graduates. Students will encounter a host of literature with differing degrees of challenges. It is vital we support them to access the rich knowledge available and we should provide students with the techniques to decode and dissect. Moreover, it will be a gateway for students to shape their understanding and contribute to their respective disciplines.

Although modular content is usually delivered in a lecture format, reading is at the centre of student learning, whether that be through traditional formats, for example books or journals, or from digital sources, such as websites or social media platforms.

These sources can be consulted and used within various contexts, meaning students must be able to discuss their thoughts verbally in a group or in written form in their assessments.

It is vital that students have a firm understanding of the importance of the texts they use when constructing an argument.

As such, this section seeks to develop your students’ reading techniques, while encouraging them to discuss their findings in a seminar setting.

Within these activities, you will find exercises which also provide opportunities for your students to give and receive informal review and feedback to and from their peers.