Critical Thinking Development

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Staff within the higher education sector have a duty to facilitate students become critical thinkers as part of their journey at university. We have come a long way from rote learning and it is fundamental that students explore higher levels of thinking to challenge their beliefs and support their ideas. This will have an impact on the students' cognitive processes allowing them to become diverse, well-grounded learners and professionals.

The art of critical thought is perhaps the foundation of learning in higher education, for its application to independent study and for the creation of original ideas.

A critical mind is one that challenges conclusions, through an evaluation of evidence and provenance, and one that seeks to place extant ideas within their proper context.

A critical thinker provides a balance of argument, while demonstrating a rigorous engagement with the literature and showing an awareness of their own limitations.

The activities in this section will help your students to limit their descriptive writing, begin to ask meaningful questions about sources and evidence and to find their own academic voice.

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