Working together for our future

What does the future hold for sustainability at LSBU?

Reducing carbon emissions

As we have every year without fail for the past decade, we will continue to reduce our carbon emissions each and every year to reach our target of reducing our carbon emissions by 80% by the year 2050 (against a 2009 baseline of 11,694 tCO2e).

Holding ourselves accountable

We are now as an institution, part of several sustainability-focused groups and partnerships, designed to ensure we keep our promises to you and ourselves of tackling climate change.  Besides our Sustainability Steering Group at LSBU, we’re collaborating with leading organisation and experts in their fields to deliver meaningful change.

Working together

No organisation can do this alone – we're a global community, so we must use our global and local networks to become sustainable. Here are some of the ways we are working together, holding ourselves accountable and becoming a university at the forefront of sustainability in both the UK and the world.

External Partnerships

Mission Innovation Challenge 7 - Graeme Maidment

A mission to make low-carbon heating and cooling affordable for everyone. Globally, buildings account for almost a third of final energy consumption, with space heating and cooling, and the provision of hot water, accounting for approximately half of this consumption. The ultimate goal of the ‘Affordable Heating and Cooling of Buildings Innovation Challenge’ is to develop core systems and measures to improve building envelopes that deliver affordable heating and cooling without carbon emissions.

Lambeth’s Carbon Neutral Steering Group – Carol Rose

A Carbon Neutral Steering Group is being established to help guide the work of Lambeth’s citizen’s assembly on climate change and engage with and communicate its findings. The purpose of the citizen’s assembly is to bring together Lambeth residents, representative of the population, to develop our collective response to the climate crisis.

Lambeth’s Independent Expert Advisory Group - John (Obas) Ebohon

The focus of the assembly is not just on council activities, but on those actions across the whole borough that generate carbon emissions, and those which will have to be reduced to meet our climate change ambitions.

Internal Groups

Centre for Social Justice and Global Responsibility

A passionate internal group seeking to examine the sources, nature and impact of social injustice, inequality and exclusion, both nationally and throughout the world.

Sustainability research group: policy, practice and pedagogy

The group develops and promotes research and action on sustainability as a new and emerging interdisciplinary area which draws from the social sciences as well as other disciplinary landscapes in order to address the complex, real-world wicked problems of today, such as the climate crisis, global inequality, forced migration, biodiversity loss, social and environmental justice.

If you have any suggestions or enquires about our sustainability work please contact the Estates and Academic Environment Department.