What are we doing now?

What are we currently doing to tackle sustainability?

We understand that climate change is not tomorrow’s problem. We have several projects underway at this very moment working to ensure our university is part of the solution to the social and ecological challenges we are faced with. Together we can help fight climate change, preserve our planet for generations to come and make sure no one is left behind.

Responsible Futures accreditation

Responsible Futures is an accreditation that is "putting sustainability at the heart of education" across universities and colleges. This is important to us because its aims are like ours - not for the few, but for all! We need to help support, educate and inspire you, the future, to be socially and ecologically responsible. We're aiming for this accreditation because it provides external and real assurance that we're doing what we can to help both the planet and our students.

Its structure and framework are sat between the Student Union and the university, meaning we can listen to our whole community and have a real impact. LSBU graduates will leave prepared to take social responsibility into their everyday lives - inspiring others across the globe and not just those within our walls.

By actively supporting and getting this accreditation, we can strive to positively contribute to the climate, be it as an institution or as a student body. This is about everyone working together. We are not just part of a south London community, but a global one.

Feel free to read more about why we want to be part of a Responsible Future.

If you have any suggestions or enquires about our sustainability work please contact the Estates and Academic Environment Department.