How we save water at LSBU

LSBU is committed to sustainability, and part of that means being aware and active in reducing our water consumption

In Water Saving Week in May 2020, a week in which the UK charity Waterwise tries to bring national attention to the “vital link between climate change and water efficiency”. LSBU took stock of our water reduction efforts.
At LSBU, we understand how important it is to try to save water – in fact, it’s a crucial element to battling climate change. Being sustainable is something at the core of everything we do, and going forward, we plan to improve year on year!
But we haven’t just started: here is some data from the installation of waterless urinals around campus. Firstly, it saves money that can be put back into your university and makes us more sustainable, but mainly it saves water! We are doing our bit to bring down the water consumption per person to ensure the future of our environment.

Keyworth Centre water consumption

water infographic

Across K2 and Keyworth, two of our campus’ most used building, we are saving over £28,000 which can be repurposed to help us stay as sustainable as promised. If you thought that was a lot, look at the change in usage in the LRC:

water infographic

This is a baseline usage reduction of 40%. 2 and half million litres of water are now saved every year in just one of our campus locations – that’s over 150 litres per LSBU student per year.
We’ve made a start and we promise that we will keep going. Read more about our promise on sustainability, as well as about Water Saving Week itself.