Student Contract

By accepting your offer of a place with us, a Student Contract is formed between you and the University.

At LSBU, the Enrolment terms consolidate the Student Contract and detail your rights and obligations you will have to comply with during your time as a student at LSBU. They also contain LSBU’s obligations towards you.

You need to read them carefully prior to accepting your offer to ensure that you understand them. The document will be displayed on our website for the duration of your studies but we also recommend that you save a copy of it for future reference.

Important terms

Whilst we ask you to read the whole document, we wanted to bring your attention to these important term:

  • Attending the University and engaging fully with your studies including in lectures/tutorials, assessments, group work with your fellow students and self-study
  • Paying your fees
  • Complying with regulations, policies and procedures relevant to you (including the Academic Regulations, Student Charter, Assessment and Examination procedure, Academic Misconduct procedure, Student Disciplinary procedure, IP policy, Data Protection policy and Fitness to Practise procedure). There may be Codes and Standards of conduct applicable to your specific course and you should make sure that you learn how they apply to you

Student Complaints

If you are ever unhappy with the University’s service, please read the University’s Student Complaints procedure (PDF File 430 KB). If you wish to submit a complaint, please contact

Cancelling your Student Contract

You have a legal right to cancel your contract with the University within 14 days of the contract coming into effect. If you choose to do this, any tuition fees you have paid will be refunded to you.

You must notify us of your decision to cancel the contract by contacting

Please note, however, that if you enter into the Student Contract at certain times in the academic year and services are provided to you but you subsequently decide to withdraw or interrupt from your course, you may remain liable to pay a proportion of your tuition fees to cover the period from the commencement of the University’s service to the date of the withdrawal or interruption from your course. For more information, please see the Tuition Fee Regulations (PDF File 429 KB).

You can withdraw from your programme at any point under the University’s Interruption and Withdrawal procedure (PDF File 402 KB). Please note that you will continue to be liable for fees until your withdrawal from studies has been agreed and the Tuition Fee Regulations (PDF File 403 KB) will apply until then.

University’s right to terminate the Student Contract

In limited circumstances, the University may terminate the Student Contract with you, for example because of academic failure, breach of the Enrolment terms, breach of the University’s policies or regulations, failure to engage with your studies, non-payment of your tuition fees, or (where relevant) non-compliance with your visa requirements. For more information, please see the Interruption and Withdrawal procedure (PDF File 402 KB).

Student Protection Plan

Please also see the Student Protection Plan (PDF File 270 KB) that sets out how London South Bank University will protect its students should a course, campus, or the University close.