Matt Hofmann, MSc Structural Engineering

Why did you decide to progress to postgraduate studies?

While studying Civil Engineering at Undergraduate level, we were fortunate enough to be really exposed to industry professionals and industry standards and learnt a lot about life after university. It became clear just how much I would benefit from further studying and how much I can get out of LSBU’s MSc Structural Engineering.

Why did you decide to progress to postgraduate studies at LSBU?

Obviously, the graduate discount does play a big role especially at the moment. I live in private rented accommodation, so finances are tough as a student. But, LSBU showed me throughout my 3 years as an undergraduate that the academic team were ready to support any and everyone throughout their studies, and  I look forward to having that support again behind me at MSc level. The course itself aligns perfectly with my interests and career interests and made me excited to study further with the lecturers I now know so well and enjoy learning from.

Also I was lucky that most of my undergraduate friends also wanted to stay on for postgraduate studies!

How will studying a postgraduate programme at LSBU help you achieve your career goals?

I want to become a chartered Engineer, and LSBU’s MSc programmes are accredit by the JBM(Joint board of moderators) so the course reaches set standards to make me eligible for chartership alongside my professional experience that I will gain once I have graduated. So because of LSBU, hopefully after only a few years of graduating I can be close to becoming chartered!

What are the benefits of studying a postgraduate programme in London, and particularly in Elephant and Castle?

The location is amazing, I know a lot of my classmates come from all corners of London and the Southeast to get to University, making it really accessible. And once you’re on campus or nearby, there is so much going on within the Built environment industry that is on LSBU’s doorstep, from inspiring buildings to the Institution of Civil Engineers or IStructE headquarters just short tube trips away. They and other institutions organise some really great events for students.

Describe some of the highlights of your postgraduate programme so far.

It’s definitely a challenge so far, but so rewarding at the same time, a great group project assignment has been set, and the main highlight is the universities new library facilities, they make the late night coursework sessions a bit more bearable!

Describe some of the support available to you as a postgraduate student.

The careers hub do some great workshops to help prepare us for applications and interviews/assessments. There’s also the added benefit academically of being able to gain a bit more 1-1 time with your lecturers and mentors so you can ask some questions about anything you need to.

Do you have any advice for any undergraduates who are thinking of studying a postgraduate programme at LSBU?

If LSBU offer a postgraduate course in something you’re interested in, I would ask your lecturers or the appropriate team. I made my decision to study an MSC in my final year after swearing in my first year of study I never would!

I’m really glad I chose to stay at LSBU, it’s been an amazing few years for me.

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