Devid Varaku- BSc (Hons) Economics

Where are you from and which course did you choose to study?

My name is Devid and I am a third-year BSc(Hons) Economics student at LSBU. I moved to London in 2021 from Albania to complete my UFP(Undergraduate Foundation Programme) with LSBU. After completing my pre-university studies I finally started my Economics Degree at LSBU. I always wanted to study in London to make use of all of the opportunities this city offers and thanks to my family, my dream came true.

Putting my experience to good use

The thing I like most about my course was how it shifted the way that I think analytically, by presenting me with intriguing assessments and by making use of the interesting conversations I have had with lecturers about different topics related to my studies or even other fields.

Tell us about the software that you have been using and any new skills that you have learned on your degree?

During my studies in LSBU I was taught Python and STATA programming languages. Both of these languages came in handy while analysing economic data, because of the simplicity and versatility that they provide you with.

More than just a degree?

Aside of all the knowledge I gained studying at LSBU, I attained other skills such as the ability to network freely with people and confidence in my skills. I used to be a shy person, and now I am a Student Representative, making me able to help other students who are too shy to speak up and be a voice for them in the Course Board.

What advice would you give to people thinking about studying at LSBU?

The best thing about my experience at LSBU was the staff of teachers and the community that this place offers, along with character-building skills you can gain if you are willing to put the work in. I have made valuable friends which I would not have met if it wasn’t for this university. Bonus point for the amazing facilities and out-of-study courses the university has to offer. I suggest everyone considering applying to this university to do so with no hesitation. The teachers are very attentive and always happy to help with anything you might need.


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