Carolina Schmidt - BA (Hons) Business Management

What led to you studying your chosen course?

When I relocated to the UK, I decided to search the most employable courses in the country, as I wanted to make sure from day one that I would get a job offer by the end of my course. I then learned that the business field was booming and there were many open vacancies in the UK in that area, especially for marketing, project management and human resources, so I decided to choose between one of them to specialise in.

Why did you choose LSBU?

What attracted me to LSBU was initially the location. I then found out I knew a few people from my country who had done a year abroad at LSBU and had a great experience, recommending the University to me. I had the chance to visit the campus on a trip to London and was pleased with what I saw. The fact that the University was awarded number 1 for employability two years in a row also had a big impact on me.

What is the highlight of your career so far? Has there been a particular project or achievement that you would like to tell us about?

I think that my time at the Business Solution Centre was the highlight of my time at LSBU. This is the student-led consultancy service that LSBU offers to small businesses, and I spent around a year and a half with them. I think it is an amazing opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience supporting businesses, and I believe that this experience was definitely what helped me secure a graduate job at the end of my course.

How do you think LSBU prepared you for your career?

I cannot stress enough how much LSBU and the business school staff have helped me prepare to start a career. From the moment I decided I wanted to have a part-time job in my first year, I received support from different people at the University. The employability hub helped me with writing my CV (I had never written one before), understanding what a cover letter is and even guiding me through where to look for jobs. When it was time to find a placement, there was also plenty of support available, with mock interviews and placements that are arranged just for LSBU students. I also received support from a mentor to prepare for my applications. During my third year, I also received lots of support with applying for graduate jobs. I definitely wouldn’t have made it without the LSBU staff! I am very thankful to them.

What advice would you give others entering into your profession or line of work?

Make the most of your time at University, as this will be what makes you stand out. Get to know the staff, go to networking events, and employability fairs, talk to employers, and do some networking. I cannot explain enough how important this is. There are several opportunities out there and we need to take them.

What projects do you have in the pipeline?

I have just started a full-time HR job, which I’d like to stay at for a few years. I am also going to start a part-time distance learning master's and would like to become a researcher and a lecturer in the next 5 to 10 years.

What is your best memory of studying at LSBU?

I think that my first year at LSBU was very fun. As a person who had just moved to Europe, everything was new and interesting, so it was very satisfying to get to know people from different countries and living so many adventures I had been planning in my had for so long. It was a great time.

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