Afiq Rosman discusses his Master of Business Administration course and future goals

Afiq Rosman, Master of Business Administration (MBA) International Management student, shares his experience of studying an MBA at LSBU Business School.

Why did you want to study this subject?

Prior to LSBU, I was an Architect and have been trained to be a technical person. I came to realise that for all industries, being technical is a plus point but what’s key to many is being able to sell your products, services, or expertise. To be able to understand business overall is important in ensuring both business and personal growth. To be able to combine both expertise has been the ultimate dream of mine.

What drew you to LSBU?

The modules provided by LSBU was one of the main attractions for me as it touches almost all aspects of business from research, strategy, understanding customers, leadership, through to moving forward into the digital world. Alongside that, it was the financial support given for international students and that made it easier for me to decide on LSBU.

What do you like about your course?

The modules offered. As a technical person myself, it was an eye-opener to really understand the essence of the business world. Lecturers and tutors were great in providing real-life examples that made it easier to understand. I also liked my classmates; it was a very diverse class. I have gained a lot of new knowledge and experience and I am able to expose myself to different perspectives.

What are your goals for the future?

An MBA with distinction opens more doors for me across all industries. Having recently graduated, I'm now looking for the right role, and have been called for interviews already, so I'm excited about the possibilities ahead. My ultimate goal is to own an interactive resort in Asia. This will challenge me to combine both architectural and business knowledge. However, to achieve that goal I know I need to gain more experience in the business world. So, my short-term goal is to get a job in the industry and gain more experience.

What advice would you give someone looking to study your subject at LSBU?

My advice is to always be open to new knowledge and endless possibilities. Each of us might come from different background but it is important to enhance the knowledge that you have and share it with others. Enjoy your time in LSBU, make new friends, challenge yourself, and explore!

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