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Emil Petrov, alumnus, BA (Hons) Tourism & Hospitality Management and MSc International Marketing

After completing his secondary education abroad, Emil Petrov found himself looking for the right UK university for him - and the right course

"Location was a really important part of the decision," he says, "and one of the reasons I decided on LSBU was because of its location. I wasn't familiar with London initially, so I thought that being so central would give me plenty of opportunity to explore the city on foot. 

Wide range of courses

"I did a lot of research through the UCAS website, and when I saw the wide range of courses on offer, it made the decision even easier. I applied to the BA (Hons) Tourism & Hospitality Management degree and was delighted when I was accepted onto the course."

Positive experience

Emil settled in quickly, and enjoyed his undergraduate degree so much that he returned to study his Masters with us too, studying on our MSc International Marketing. "My experience at LSBU was very positive, and the tutors offered a lot of support," says Emil of his decision to carry on studying to postgraduate level. "Several of my lecturers were very inspirational and they motivated me to study harder and improve my results, as well as to take my learning to the next level with LSBU."

Going the extra mile

Emil was particularly impressed by the one-to-one support and the time the academic staff were able to spend with him. "I have friends who attended other institutions, but their experience was generally less positive than mine," he explains. 

The support and time that the LSBU team gave us just doesn't happen in many places. They go the extra mile so often, helping us to network with alumni, find jobs, and introduce us to the right people from the industry.

Invaluable experience

Emil acknowledges that studying abroad is not an easy choice to make, but believes living in London has provided him with invaluable experience and contacts that make him globally employable. "It is challenging and not always easy, but it allows you to learn new things about yourself and improve yourself," he says. 

"If you time your plan well, there are so many things you can do in London and there are plenty of great networking opportunities right on your doorstep. As an international hub, London opens doors for people from a wide range of backgrounds."

Employment opportunities

Emile certainly made the most of the employment opportunities that living and studying in London presented him with. "I did a seven-month internship for a small charity based in London," he says. 

"My job involved supporting other charities by providing them with information and advice on a variety of topics. I was in charge of editing and distributing a bi-weekly newsletter, building promotional materials, updating the website and more. I met a lot of people and was able to learn a range of skills that have helped me ever since."

Well-designed modules

Emil is quick to recommend LSBU to others considering studying abroad, and believes that it is important to make the most of the opportunities on offer. "Once you are here, get involved in extra-curricular activities from the start, and make the most of your studies," he says. 

"I enjoyed all of my modules because they were well designed and the academic staff link their own experiences with the topics being discussed."Emil's final words of advice to those considering studying at LSBU are simple. "My only advice is not to hesitate! Join LSBU as soon as possible and you won't regret it," he says.