Our blog provides opportunities for participants in all phases to contribute to blogs and vlogs that connect activities with a wider community

STEM-POWER is specifically designed to ensure that intended beneficiaries, women researchers, research leaders and aspiring women research leaders in the STEM field, will be involved in co-producing project outcomes in multiple ways as such impact is ‘designed in’ to the project.

This can include writing content for blogs and vlogs to be published on the STEM-POWER blog. The STEM-POWER blog features contributions from participants across all phases of the research.

By directly involving women in STEM in the Indonesian context in each stage of the project, increasing their visibility, confidence and agency STEM-POWER will secure a lasting legacy of influence that has the capacity to transform institutional cultures and make a significant impact on the day-to-day experiences of staff and students working and studying within University STEM settings.

The different stages of the project include:

  1. Kick-off symposium will bring together researchers, practitioners and interested stakeholders to ‘map’ the field of women’s research career progression in STEM. This mapping work will refer to the policy context, research literature and ‘grey literature’ and will be summarized in a literature review that will be submitted for publication.
  2. Cross-institutional survey will aim to understand the experiences of women leaders/aspiring women leaders at scale.
  3. Collective ethnography - Women STEM academics at different stages of their careers will participate in the project as co-researchers to co-produce a collective ethnography of women’s experiences of building STEM careers.  This action will provide new insights into women’s experiences and will generate at set of recommendations for change.
  4. The STEM-POWER Community of Practice is a network that will be run by and for women leaders to support women research leaders and aspiring women research leaders to build leadership capital that will build confidence and capability.
  5. Final symposium will be an opportunity to evaluate the success of the project and disseminate project outcomes to a wider audience in the Indonesia context.

We are encouraging participants in all stages of the research to put forward entries for the STEM-POWER Blog. Blog posts will appear shortly on the LSBU Research Blogs page.