Engineering Groups

The School of Engineering has the following Research Groups:

Big Data and Informatics Research Group

Head: Dr Daqing Chen

Big data is the analysis of extremely large data sets to discover and reveal patterns, trends and associations. The group researches big data informatics technology, drawing on pivotal scientific traditions in Computer Science, Engineering and Business, whilst also working collaboratively with both the research community and industry.

Design, Manufacturing and Transport Dynamics

Head: Dr Deborah Andrews

Our principle aims are to design, manufacture and evaluate virtual and physical prototypes, products, services and systems, placing user experience at the heart of engineering innovations to improve overall performance, efficiency and sustainability. Our team merges specialists with a wide range of expertise in product design, transport design and engineering.

Energy Materials Engineering

Head: Prof Steve Dunn

The Energy Materials Engineering group is developing novel materials processing techniques to address the challenges of energy harvesting and energy storage. Our activities are increasingly focused on piezoelectric materials, and we are at the forefront of the emerging field of piezo catalysis.