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New legal clinic guarantee

The Legal Advice Clinic provides a valuable public service and exceptional work experience opportunities

At LSBU, we champion experiential learning and the transformative power of hands-on education. Our Law Degree has been carefully designed to develop and support our students' professional career aspirations as a part of the course. Every student takes our "Working in the Law" module, takes part in a negligence case simulation and can choose professional practice options. Now, we're thrilled to announce an unprecedented opportunity for all our students to actively engage in one of our Law Clinics, seamlessly integrated into their studies.

Breaking ground as the first and only Law School in the UK to introduce a clinic guarantee, we align ourselves with a global movement embraced by leading Law Schools around the world, particularly in the USA and Australia. A Law Clinic, to us, is more than a classroom; it's a professional work experience where students learn law by tackling real-world issues, making a tangible contribution to the community as well as developing their professional competence.

Why the Law Clinic Guarantee? Unlike some University Law Clinics with limited places, we've opened enough places for every student taking our (Law Main) LLB Hons course*, and we're celebrating this inclusivity. As we commemorate the 50th Anniversary of our well-respected and innovative Law Degree, we take pride in highlighting our enduring commitment to Clinic Legal Education, a core pillar of our teaching philosophy.

Explore the diverse landscape of LSBU Law Clinics:

1. Legal Advice Clinic: Providing face-to-face legal guidance on social welfare law to local citizens.

2. Family Law Hub: Collaborating on innovative projects with organisations that share our passion with family law.

3. International Human Rights Law Clinic: Engaging with human rights organisations to make a global impact.

4. Solutionise: Offering Business, IT, and Legal support to local small businesses.

5. Legal Policy Clinic: Partnering with social science students to respond to current law reform consultations from the Government and the Law Commission.

Please note that although there are opportunities to take part in Law Clinics on all our LLB courses, the Clinic Guarantee only applies to the Law (Main) LLB course. We gurantee a place in one of our clinics but not any specific one. This is because some clinics, such as the Legal Advice Clinic and Solutionise, have a limited number of places.