Solutionise Business

Solutionise Business, IT & advice centre for local SME's

28 March 2023

Solutionise is a multidisciplinary collaboration between business, law, computer science, engineering students, lecturers, and academics from LSBU. This business advice centre is designed to assist growth in small to medium-sized businesses in the local community. The Solutionise team strives to provide advice to everyone from kitchen table start-ups to established businesses to help them prosper. The scope of the team covers business plans, website building, and legal advice. Solutionise is an invaluable opportunity for students to learn in a practical setting, applying classroom skills whilst gaining an insight into their future careers to benefit our community.

Meeting businesses in and around Croydon during Solutionise’s launch event provided an exciting insight into how the future collaboration between students from different disciplinaries in LSBU will provide support and advice to aid a vast array of different fields of business’ growth in the community. A law student, Oliver Trent Luton is eager to join Solutionise and reflects that having this opportunity at such an early stage in his career is invaluable and that he gains insights into the workings of commercial law. He recounts “Solutionise has helped me to broaden my legal horizon and practice essential legal skills to help me as a lawyer and our community to grow.”

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