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Career Pathways – Professional Services Group

The PSG Career Pathways were developed following requests for clearer information and more support for career development within Professional Services Group roles (PSG).

The PSG Career Pathways include 8 different job families at LSBU, and describe the skills and competencies required at different grades in each job family. Please see the document at the bottom of the page.

The job families in the PSG Career Pathways are:

  • Learning and Research Support
  • Academic Enablement
  • Student Services and Support
  • Campus Services and Operations
  • Partnerships and External Engagement
  • Projects, Programmes and Change Management
  • Organisational Services
  • Governance and Risk

The PSG Career Pathways should be read alongside the LSBU Behavioural Framework (PDF File 228 KB) which describes the behaviours expected at each grade.

Using the PSG Career Pathways

  • Individuals can use the PSG Career Pathways to plan their development, so they are ready to apply for vacancies when they arise.  By looking at the roles in each job family you can identify future career opportunities both within your existing job family and in other parts of Professional Services at LSBU.
  • Managers can use the PSG Career Pathways to have informed discussions about career development with the people they manage, either as part of end-of-year PDR (appraisal) discussions or in one-to-one meetings during the year.

Although the PSG Career Pathways focus on non-academic roles within LSBU, they may also be useful to LSBU academics and people employed in other parts of LSBU Group who are interested in possible opportunities in Professional Services.

Developing the PSG Career Pathways

We plan to continue to develop the LSBU job families and the PSG Career Pathways and would welcome your help.

Look out for opportunities to share your experiences of using the PSG Career Pathways, for example, through focus groups.  You can also provide feedback directly to

Career Pathways information (PDF File 434 KB)