Employ our students

Our Employability Team is here to support every new connection

Employability and vocational courses have been celebrated here since 1892. Our students benefit from our academics' relationships with the professions and the way we adopt our research findings into course content. At a time when the graduate job market is particularly competitive we know we give our students the edge you demand.

We offer an impressive number of ways that the commercial world can positively impact on our students and benefit from their input. Plus our Employability Team are here to support every new connection.

Have our students work for you

Advertising permanent job vacancies
The University’s job portal is available for all current students and recent graduates to access. As an employer you can post your vacancies to the job board without charge. There are three different levels of access for our system which allows access to different features:

1. Want to quickly post a job offer? Our board lets you track the advertisement you have posted live. Once validated, you will be able to track the views your job posting has and how many students have applied.

2. Want to create more engagement with our students? Create a company account! A company page will allow your opportunities to stand out to LSBU students and graduates. By providing more details about your organisation, you'll be able to  post jobs, events and opportunities to your company account on an ongoing basis..

3. Become a Gold Partner, granting you access to our talent pool to simplify recruitment and have your company profile highlighted to students as a recognised partner on our job portal. Organisations who offer exclusive opportunities or who deliver on-campus activities may gain ‘Gold Partner’ recognition.  If you would like to discuss becoming a Gold Partner, please email employability@lsbu.ac.uk.

All vacancies will be vetted and approved by the Employability Team before they are made live to our students. If you have any questions about our job portal, please contact employability@lsbu.ac.uk.
Recruiting a placement student
Read more about placements at LSBU.
Careers Fairs
We run a number of industry-specific Careers Fairs throughout the year. These are the ideal time for employers as stall holders to meet a large cross section of our student body keen to network with interested employers. For details on registering your interest, please email employability@lsbu.ac.uk. Events are advertised in our 'What's on' section.
Do you need a volunteer?
LSBU's Students' Union coordinates voluntary opportunities, read more about volunteers.

If you'd like to discuss any aspect around employing LSBU's students and graduates please contact employability@lsbu.ac.uk.

Share your talents

We understand how important it is for students to benefit from real-world experiences. Having strong industry contacts play a large part in this and your involvement can make such a difference.

If you studied at LSBU, no matter when or the subject, we encourage you to share in the mutual benefits of becoming a Student Mentor. These one-to-one partnerships help students foster a supportive network of active contacts, fulfil their potential and develop a clear vision of their future. It gives them the chance to talk, ask questions, have a sounding board and learn from the successes and failures of real life business.

As an LSBU mentor you'll never be expected to provide academic advice, personal counselling or life coaching not related to professional skills or assist with commercial activities or ventures other than objective opinions. To find out more about the scheme see full details on Mentoring page of the LSBU Alumni Association website.