Equality: Food, Water & Politics 

About this event series

Food and water consumption are about to get political. With an increase in floods and droughts and our changing weather systems, threats to global food and water security are increasing. What policies and laws are being put in place to protect all of humanity’s access to food and water. What creative solutions can drive fairer access to food and how are climate change and globalisation impacting our psychological behaviour towards food, diets and our physical health.

Our prominent guest speakers will include:

  • Mercato Metropolitano
  • The London Food Strategy
  • Veganuary
  • Gauthier Soho
  • Sistah Space
  • RESTLESS Development
  • Grace Hull, Sustainability and Social Justice Educator
  • COP26 Universities Network
  • More to be announced soon

Keynote speakers

Panel Discussion: The planet & plant-based diets: behaviour change, benefits & barriers


- Toni Vernelli, International Head of Communications and Marketing, Veganuary

- Alexis Gauthier, Head Chef, Gauthier Soho

Session Host: Dr. Jaya Gajpara

Panel Discussion: Urban Agriculture: A path to the future of food security, poverty alleviation and community cohesion in cities


  • Prof. Lucia Costa, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Prof. Ivan Cartes, University of Bio-Bio, Conception, Chile
  • Prof. Heloisa Costa, Universidade Federal de Minad Gerais, Brazil

Lead: Antonia Noussia, Associate Professor in Urban Design Planning, LSBU

School: Law & Social Sciences

Keynote Address: ‘In Support of Artisans’ with Mercato Metropolitano – London’s first sustainable & inclusive food market

Expert: Amedeo Claris, Marketing Director for Mercato Metropolitano.

Keynote Address: An introduction to ‘Feed Me Good’ 

Expert: Nureen Glaves CEO of Feed Me Good & LSBU Alumni

LSBU staff 

Session: Sustainable Food & Drink Development with LAFIC

Leads: Sam Ash, LAFIC Project Manager, and Adri Bester, Senior Food Technologist, Enterprise Lead for the School of Applied Sciences & Lead Academic at LAFIC, LSBU

Schools/Departments: Applied Sciences & Research, Enterprise & Innovation

Session: How LSBU is supporting London start-ups create sustainable innovation

Lead: Ellen South, Senior Project Manager - Sustainable Innovation, LSBU

Department: Research, Enterprise & Innovation

Session: The Mystery of Sourdough: case closed

Lead: Cristiano Solinas. Lecturer Baking Science and Pastry Technology, LSBU

School: Applied Sciences

Session: Water - the forgotten utility

Lead: Chris Barnes, Estates & Energy Manager

Department: Estates & Academic Environment

Keynote speakers

Keynote Address: Capitalism is killing itself - and it’s taking the planet with it 

Expert: Ash Sarker, journalist and left-wing political activist.

Keynote address: Youth Engagement for Climate Action and COP26 Universities Network 


  • Anum Ahmed, Head of Youth Engagement Team at the Cabinet Office 
  • Alyssa Gilbert, Director of Policy and Translation, Grantham Institute – Climate change and the environment, Imperial College London 
  • Josh Tregale, UK-based youth climate leader and Auther of Mock COP.

Session Host: Thomas Empson, Sustainability Project Manager, LSBU 

Panel Discussion: Holding corporate giants accountable – why spoiling the planet is not cool


Host: Thomas Empson, Sustainability Project Manager, LSBU

Session: Education for Sustainability as a Catalyst for Change


  • Stephen Asek, Founding Board Member of Solidarity 2020, Cameroon 
  • Euphresia Luseka, Water Governance Consultant, Kenya
  • Rae Merrigan, Teacher, Indonesia 
  • Robson Nyirenda, Project Manager Opportunities for Youth Employment, SNV, Zambia

Lead: Dr Glen Strachan, Education for Sustainability Programme, School of Law & Social Sciences, LSBU

School: Law & Social Sciences

LSBU staff

Session: Can we achieve 17 Sustainable Development Goals simultaneously?


  • Dr Safia Barikzai Associate Professor of Informatics, an IT and Enterprise champion, Academic Lead for the Digital Grid Partnership and a STEMNET Ambassador 
  • Dr Clare Benson, Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering & member of Explosion & Fire Research Group, LSBU  
  • DrJaya Gajparia, Course Director MSc Education for Sustainability and Senior Lecturer in Sociology, LSBU
  • Dr Liz Newton, Associate Professor of Psychology and Academic Lead for Integrity, LSBU

Session Lead: Deborah Andrews, Associate Professor in Design and winner of ‘Sustainability in Action’ Award, LSBU

School: Engineering

Session: International Law and the SDG's: Responsibility v Legality

Lead: Professor Craig Barker, Dean

School: Law & Social Sciences

Session: The challenges and opportunities for achieving a sustainable world

Leads: Dr Adrian Budd, Head of Academic Programmes, LSBU and Dr Hugh Atkinson, LSBU Visiting Fellow and Distinguished Research Fellow, The Schumacher Institute for Sustainable Solutions, Bristol

School: Law & Social Sciences

Session: Reducing health inequalities in kidney care

Lead: Professor Nicola Thomas, Professor Kidney Care, LSBU

School: Health & Social Care

Session: Supporting the psychological recovery of people after a COVID-19 critical illness; the importance of a collaborative approach


  • Dr Gaby Parker, Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist, Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust
  • Suzanne Bench, Professor of Critical Care Nursing, LSBU
  • Alison James, Senior Lecturer, School of Health and Social Care, LSBU
  • Hitendra Solanki, Senior Lecturer, School of Law & Social Sciences, LSBU

Session Host: Professor Nicola Thomas, Professor Kidney Care, LSBU

Schools: Health & Social Care / Law & Social Sciences

Session: Understanding the intersectional experiences of COVID-19: Structural Racism and Gender Discrimination


  • Dr Calvin Moorley, Associate Professor of Nursing Research & Diversity in Care, LSBU
  • Dr Rosetta West, Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing, LSBU
  • Nelly Kibirige, Life Coach, former LSBU Student Union president and member of the LSBU Domestic Abuse working group on COVID-19

Session Host: Dr. Jaya Gajpara, Course Director for Education for Sustainability, LSBU

Schools: Health & Social Care / Law & Social Sciences

Keynote speakers 

Keynote Address: Holistic Sustainability and Climate Justice 

Expert: Grace Hull, Sustainability and Social Justice Educator, Green Soul Grace

Panel Discussion: Catalysing Youth Action for Climate Justice with Restless Development


  • Jeana Malhi, Systems Change Organiser, UKYCC 
  • Poorvi Mehrotra, Assistant programme Coordinator, Restless Development India 
  • Jevanic Henry, Panelist, Youth Power Panel 
  • Soumita Chakraborty, Youth Advisory Board Member, Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety 

Host: Hattie Tollerson, Student Union President

Department: London South Bank’s Student Union

Panel Discussion: United by our differences – what bold & diverse organisations can look like


  • Cllr Marianna Masters, Lambeth Council 
  • Marc McKenna Coles, Global Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Lloyd’s Bank
  • Joseph Galliano, CEO, Queer Britain
  • Marisha Drayton, Recruitment Partner, LSBU

Session Host: Sanchia Alasia, Head of EDI, and Sebastian Bromelow, Project Manager (OD/EDI), LSBU

Panel Discussion: Migration as a sustainability issue in a time of COVID


  • Jos Hermans, Founder and Chair, COMMEET 
  • Saima Raza, Trustee with Migrant Help UK, Founder of ‘Under One Sky’ and Chair of the Refugee Forum in the largest borough in London
  • Ahmet Sayer, Founder and President , European Migrant Platform

Session Host: Ros Wade, Chair, London RCE and LSBU Emeritus Professor for Education For Sustainability

School: Law & Social Sciences

LSBU staff

Session: LSBU’s approach to an inclusive & accessible education journey for South London

Lead: Professor Deborah Johnston, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Education, LSBU

Session: The truth about women’s healthcare – past imperfect

Leads: Sarah Esegbona-Adeigbe & Anna Lyons, Senior Lecturers in Midwifery, LSBU

School: Health & Social Care

Session: Sustainable Routes to Resource Acquisition for Racialized Youth: Between Love, Rights and Solidarity

Lead: Esmorie Miller, Lecturer in Social Sciences

School: Law & Social Sciences